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Bonded-wire strain gauges - Research Paper Example

The paper then discusses the application of the sensor I the industrial setting as well as the principle behind the mechanism of work. Finally, this paper gives a conclusion on this sensor with a remark on the possible future changes that are expected to be done on the sensor. Introduction In the strain measurement sensors, one of the sensors that are predominantly used is the strain gauge, the strain gauge comprise of an elastic unit that is resistive in nature and whose resistance change is a function of the strain applied. The wire gauge that is used in making this sensor is made of a resistor that is bonded together with an elastic backing, with reference to the bonded gauges sensors, they are pasted on a surface that is under study. Three are three various types of such bondage fine wire, semi-conductor, and metal foil. The choice of which bondage to use is dependent on the role that should be played by the sensor. History of Sensor Since 1856 when Lord Kelvin first demonstrated the relationship between the resistance and the strain of a conductor, there has been tremendous improvement on this knowledge that has served to be very instrumental in the development of this type of sensor. Other people who have made their contribution after this initial breakthrough, Charles Kearns in this reference in 1930 used the bonded resistance strain gauges for determining the vibrations of the high-speed propeller blades. After seven years, in 1937, Edward Simmons and Arthur Ruge in their independent

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investigation discovered that alloys of small wires could be used to measure surface strain of a wire (Potma 78). The improvement was also realized in 1952 when Saunders-Roe Company from the UK, this company succeeded in developing a strain gauge by way of etching the gauge pattern using a thin foil (Yarnell 82), this development accounts for the different strain gauges that are used today for the various purposes. Who Invented the Sensor? On who invented the strain gauge sensors, it will be acknowledged Lord Kelvin, this is given the fact that it is from his thought that subsequent knowledge has stemmed. He realized the relationship that exists between the strain and the resistance of different wires in1856 (Yarnell 82). How and where is it Currently Used in Industry? The strain gauges are mostly used in measuring the level of stresses that is generated by machinery. With this type of relationship, it is mostly used in the mechanical engineering where stresses generated have to be ascertained for research or development issues. One of the industries that use the technology frequently is the aircraft, several components of the craft have to be tested for various stress level for safety purposes. An example of the gauge is shown below Theory behind Sensor/ How It Works With the assistance of the adhesive material that is used in the strain gauge, it is usually pasted on the structure is to be tested for study. When the structure is subjected to some extent of force, compressive or tensile, it will have to be altered in terms of dimension. Because they are bonded together with the structure, the structure will equally undergo the same level of alteration as the testes material. This strain also changes the resistance capacity of the strain gauge, which is then ascertained using the wheat stone bridge (Potma 84). The adjustment that is experienced in the resistance of the strain gaug
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Date Bonded-Wire Strain Gauges Abstract and Introduction of Sensor Abstract This paper discusses various sub topics related to the Bonded-Wire Strain Gauges as one of the types of sensors that are used in the industrial processes…
Bonded-wire strain gauges
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