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Impact of Technology Throughout Aviation - Term Paper Example

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Impact of Technology throughout Aviation No: Date: University Impact of Technology throughout Aviation Statement of the Project This project will study the impact of technology throughout the aviation industry…
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Impact of Technology Throughout Aviation
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will begin with the history of aviation methods, systems, and equipment that were used prior to the 21st century. The information provided will include laws and regulations, environmental issues, safety procedures, training, design, and management that have been incorporated to enhance aircraft operations across the various levels of an organization. By reviewing actual accident reports, this project will show how these unfortunate events have enabled us to learn from them and create new technologies to help prevent future accidents. Finally, I will discuss current ideas that are being tested and what they could do to further improve aviation. Program Outcomes Addressed Critical Thinking Several economical and management concepts are adopted in the aviation industry, like the utilization of the fuel types, the training of the staff and conducting tests mechanically and economically may improve the economics as well as the reputation of the aviation industry. The latest ideas involve the economical as well as environmental perspectives. Most of the time, the economic perspective dominated the environmental perspective. However, the modern technology like the utilization of bigger planes in the aviation is good economically as well as environmentally, as it reduces the amount of emissions per person regarding the aviation industry. ...
Mostly, aviation planes utilize the turbofan jet engine, which comes in the category of gas turbine engines. However, in the modern era the maintenance of security is another bigger aim for the aviation industry. The aviation is not only influenced by the internal threats but also external threats, while terrorism is the biggest risk the aviation industry is facing today. The most probable solution is to limit the personal with some notably uniqueness or having some default personality or carrying some different kind of goods with him. After 9/11, the risk of terrorist attacks was increased due to lacking in each and every system that is utilized in the aviation. However, several tactics are employed to make the system better. The betterments not only help in improving the security but consequently attract more number of passengers each year, which benefits the aviation much economically. Quantitative Reasoning The project utilizes the quantitative methods of research and reasoning. In quantitative data conclusion are made by utilizing the information and the observations. However, the collection of information utilizes various steps in defining the concepts. The most important factor is the verification of the sources. Dedicated sources like the government publications and the companies’ publications can be considered as reliable sources. However, books are the most dominant and verified sources. In this project both primary as well as secondary data collection methods are utilized to enhance the data validity. However, much information is available on different sources on the topic. It is very difficult to choose the credible sources, thus it is important to collect the raw data from as many sources and extract ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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