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The Prefabricated Houses - Term Paper Example

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Your complete name Instructor's name Subject name Submission date The Prefabricated Housing Housing is one of the main needs for human. Houses around the world are designed depending on cultures, environment and people's needs. It has been estimated that increasing world population will lead to urgent need of new housing needs in future…
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The Prefabricated Houses
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Extract of sample "The Prefabricated Houses"

Download file to see previous pages One of these types of buildings is known as "prefabricated house" that kind of housing can be finished in short period and manufactured off-site in advance. It consists of standard sections that can be easily shipped, assembled, and dis-assembled. Moreover, the cost of prefabricated unit is equivalent to 30-40% of the cost of typical unit. This paper explores prefabricated housing, benefits, types, installation procedure, misconceptions, and future prospects. Prefabricated Houses Defined Prefabrication is a process of assembling the components of a particular structure in a factory and transporting the finished assemblies or sub-assemblies to the construction site where the final product is to be installed. The process is an alternative to the traditional on-site construction practice where raw material is gathered and assembled on location of construction (Daab, 2008). The primary principle of prefabrication is grouping comparable construction tasks and applying assembly line techniques on construction site where skilled labor is available. The process is also called off-site manufacture (OSM). The practice is more effective when modularization is also employed, that is, the process of repeating units of form throughout the structure, or when several replica of the same basic structure are to be built (West 1). According to Callcutt Review of House building Delivery (2007) prefabrication is time-saving, economical, and provide high quality end product. In addition, the process has a potential to offer faster construction, cleaner and safer working conditions, reduced housing faults, reduced construction waste, and more energy efficient homes. On the other hand, some of the challenges of prefabricated housing include: interface detailing, handling and supply chain logistics, transportation to location, investment ability, and social stigma (West 1).Schweitzer and Michael state: "The earliest known examples of successful prefabricated housing in America came soon after, however, the "great house" of Edward Winslow was sent from England to Cape Ann northeast of Boston in 1624 to provide for the fishing fleet already operating there. The building was reportedly moved several times subsequently and parts of its supposedly were built into a house in Salem, Massachusetts, still standing today, more than 300 years later."(57) Types of Prefabricated Housing According to BRE and UK Department for Communities and Local Government (Callcutt, 2007) there are three types of prefabricated systems used by housing market. It includes volumetric systems, partial modularization, and prefabrication of elements. Volumetric systems include completely assembled three-dimensional modular units manufactured in a factory and installed on location. Partial modularization includes standardized units or elements while prefabrication of elements refers to an assortment of individual systems including 'frames' and 'structural insulated panels (SIP)'.Each of these systems has its own pros and cons, however, all of these are important for prefabricated housing market because of their use in isolation or combination as hybrid techniques(Callcutts,2007). Three types of prefabricated housing market sections include modular, penalized, and precut. A modular home system consists of three-dimensional unit. It includes interior and exterior walls, plumbing, wiring, and other kinds of utility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Prefabricated Houses Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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