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Prefabrication Benefit of the UK Construction Industry - Case Study Example

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The paper "Prefabrication Benefit of the UK Construction Industry" states that it is possible that prefabricated buildings do not respond to the expectations of customers – mostly because severe failures are found to exist when the building is delivered to the customer…
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Prefabrication Benefit of the UK Construction Industry
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Extract of sample "Prefabrication Benefit of the UK Construction Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Prefabrication is a construction method developed through the years in order to meet the needs of individuals and communities – where there could be no use of traditional construction methods because of the cost involved. Today, there are many firms using the specific construction technique. The activity of these firms has been found to influence the performance of the construction industry in general. The current study focuses on the examination of the effects of prefabrication on the British construction industry. Particular attention is paid on the interaction between prefabrication and the traditional methods of construction. It is revealed that prefabrication has a significant impact on the development of the British construction industry – but it is a relationship that has many aspects all of which need to be appropriately explained. The response of the public to the potential expansion of prefabrication is positive; however, it is not clear whether it is a reaction driven from the personal needs of people or from the actual benefits of the particular construction method. In any case, prefabrication is found to be quite valuable for the development of a country’s construction industry – different criteria can be used for this evaluation in accordance with the local culture and ethics.
The high cost of construction projects has led to the development of alternative schemes of construction. Prefabrication is an indicative example. The specific method of construction is characterized by the preparation in advance of all the parts of a building in a different site from that in which the particular building will be established.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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