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Design of Concrete Frame based on Iranian Code (2800) and Eurocode (EC 8) for Resistance to Earthquake - Literature review Example

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Seismic hazard and history of Iran
Iran stands as a common seismic country in the world. In 1976, an earthquake occurred in western Iran that claimed the lives of 15,000 people. Another incident claimed 1000 people in 1981 in Kerman while 40,000 faced the same in Gilan, a province in Northern Iran. …
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Design of Concrete Frame based on Iranian Code (2800) and Eurocode (EC 8) for Resistance to Earthquake
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Extract of sample "Design of Concrete Frame based on Iranian Code (2800) and Eurocode (EC 8) for Resistance to Earthquake"

Download file to see previous pages Another incident claimed 1000 people in 1981 in Kerman while 40,000 faced the same in Gilan, a province in Northern Iran. The Ritcher scale reading struck 7.2. An earthquake that occurred in Bam in December 2003 is numbered among the 130 major earthquakes in Iranian history with estimated casualty cases of 30-50 thousand (Iranian Studies Group, 2004, p.2). The foundation of assessment of seismic hazard in Iran is on the frequency of seismicity in relation to time and space. In the assessment of seismic hazards, seismotectonic sources are considered. The success of this study relies on regional and local knowledge on geology, seismicity and tectonics. The core sources of seismotectonic forces are;
• Fault sources and
• Area sources (Takavoli, B., and Ghafory, M., 1999, P.1013).
Research conducted by different firms like Wilson (1930), Niazi (1968) and many others reveal that seismicity in Iran is linked to local surface geology and tectonics (1014). Iranian plateau is characterized by active faults, active volcanoes with an Alpine earthquake belt that is elongated and of high surface. Active earthquake activities are found along Zagros fold thrust belt thus making most parts of Iran vulnerable to earthquakes (Takavoli, B., and Ghafory, M., 1999, P.1014)....
This allows the required dissipation energy. Capacity design protocols, parameters and fashion designs assist greatly in obtaining of design standards followed in design procedure. Seismic design codes vary from country to country due to various factors which include: The desire for seismic design codes of high quality The impact created on previous earthquakes relying on provision s indicated on the codes Research conducted at academic institutions on seismic designs and The period taken in the implementation of policies and legislative laws. Iran being an earthquake prone area has developed its own codes to be implemented in construction of structures. Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings Reinforced concrete is composed of horizontal elements called beams and vertical elements called columns. These two components are joined together with rigid joints. The beams and columns are cast together to form a monolithic structure. Reinforced concrete frames offer resistance to gravitational and lateral loads by bending that occurs in beams and columns. Some of the subtypes of reinforced concrete frame construction are: Nonductile reinforced concrete frames with or without infill walls, Nonductile reinforced concrete frames with reinforced infill walls, Ductile reinforced concrete frames with or without infill walls. Tremendous changes have been made to design and details of reinforced concrete frame structures in seismic zones. Earlier building codes focused on requirements needed strength of a structure. The structural members were to provide resistance to lateral seismic loads. From various researches conducted about earthquakes, building codes shifted focus to sectioning and detailing of beams, columns and joints. The aim ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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