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Should Students Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers - Essay Example

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Should Students’ Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers? Have you had enough of an aching back as a result of carrying the heavy textbooks on your way to class?…
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Extract of sample "Should Students Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers"

Download file to see previous pages Essay, we explore the available options. A more considerable consensus of high school chaps would prefer the use of a notebook computer, which is much easier and practical compared to the use of the standard textbooks and notebooks. A common standpoint for the push of a notebook in schools is that there would be reduced deforestation. The move is due to the low demand for the paper in the manufacture of textbooks and notebooks for schools. With the use of these notebook computers in a school, it will improve the environment and improve the organization of students. It also captures their attention span while eliminating the daily tasks of walking around with a heavy school notebook on their backs. Based on research conducted by Google, it reveals that an average school spends on paper alone approximately $30,000 to $50,000 annually. Apart from exorbitant prices charged on paper for a school, it also means that up to 74 trees end up cut to fill the demand. With only one school using up to 74 trees of paper, there are over 4 billion trees across the globe, which are under deforestation. It leads to the manufacturing of notebooks, textbooks, course books, and other workbooks. The cut trees are a substantial amount taking into consideration that daily, thousands of trees end up chopped down as a result of deforestation. There needs to be a paradigm shift from notebooks and textbooks in schools, which causes cutting down of many trees, which ends up being costly to us. In case learners changed to use of notebook computers. Computers would mark an improvement in resources without creating the need to harm the environment. Furthermore, this would cut down on the expenses incurred by students in terms of purchasing notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, and highlighters. The computer move is because when using the notebook computer, it leads to saving money and prevents cutting down trees. The culture of reading textbooks in class can be boring for the students with their education. Scholars cannot even highlight essential notes within the textbook as a means of better comprehension since most of the textbooks and notebooks need to remain in mint condition for other learners to use. With the uptake of technology in society, there could be a shift from textbooks in place of notebook computers. The shift would increase the attention span of the students in schools and their work since they will be using a new and modern version of technology asides from the boring textbooks. A counterargument against the use of notebooks is that learners might have the urge to visit social media sites on their computers instead of focusing on their school work. However, this argument does not bear weight since the schools will block internet sites. With the use of notebooks, it would make the scholars become more organized with their school work since it will not involve the use of paper from the backpacks to finish up their homework. Another area that the notebook computers would solve is with the nature of students who forget their homework or notebooks at school, with notebook computers, everything remains sorted. Take into consideration students that do not use bus transportation from home to school, and they have to carry their textbooks on their backpacks each morning and dawn. The routine is tiring, especially if the student has to walk from home to school and vice versa. With this exercise, it increases the likelihood of the students developing complicated back issues, which can result in cases of spinal abnormalities such as the disfiguration of curvatures known as scoliosis as prescribed by John Stevens. It is a requirement for the students to be accompanied by textbooks to school and home or risk failing in a particular assignment by the instructor. The art of carrying textbooks daily is unfair and inhumane to the students. Most students will end up with back complications and, in worse case scenarios, end up with scoliosis, which is a serious spine disorder at a tender age, which spells doom on their future. In case the push for notebook computers suffices, it means the students will alleviate from the burden of carrying heavy textbooks on their backs since the devices nearly weigh as much in comparison to the total weight of their backpacks. With the reduced workload on the back of the students, it reduces the cases of back complications for students. The move will also ensure that the students have the available material for carrying out their assignments at their disposal with ease. When taking into consideration the above standpoints, there needs to be a shift from the heavy textbooks which breed a boring reading culture and back complications on the side of students, to a more modern and fun way of learning through notebook computers. With the increased use of paper, many trees end up chopped down, and the increase of textbook usage means the rise in deforestation, thus causing pollution in the air. The deforestation ends up destroying the habitats of animals. We would be saving our environment when we replace the standard textbooks with notebook computers in schools. The organization of students in the class will also increase with the use of modern technology. Lastly, the use of advanced notebook computers alleviates students from the constant back pains of carrying their backpacks. All needed information is available on notebook computers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Should Students Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers Essay, n.d.)
Should Students Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers Essay.
(Should Students Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers Essay)
Should Students Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers Essay.
“Should Students Textbooks Be Replaced by Notebook Computers Essay”.
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