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Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful - Scholarship Essay Example

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This essay "Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful" describes the subjective concept of success and different relations to it. The author examines whether success can be related to a high school or college diploma or not and to what extent. He demonstrates people's aims and achievements…
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Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful
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Extract of sample "Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful"

Download file to see previous pages However, basic values that are equally praised around the world are probably very similar: health, happiness, spiritual harmony, and money through their positions in the list of desirable things will vary. Most respondents cannot say that money is extremely important for achieving success but still imagining happy life without them is useless. I guess the concept of success must also change with age for most people on the Earth: sexual attractiveness means everything in twenty and is worth nothing compared to the wellbeing of the family in fifty. So we have cleared up what success means basically, and in this paper, I am going to examine whether success can be related to a high school or college diploma or not and to what extent.
A high school diploma can probably be regarded as a compulsory qualification for any person though such view on this document is very narrow and it can be shocking that a lot of children in the world do not have the opportunity to receive one. Nevertheless, a high school diploma is mostly perceived as a pass to adulthood: only after reaching this goal society usually accepts a person as capable of taking decisions and responsibility for these decisions. A high school diploma signifies that a young man or a young woman is ready to leave his parents` home, have relationships, and start working (Farrington 2014). Thus, a high school diploma is literally a symbol of transition from childhood to adulthood in most countries of the world though for some African countries this qualification can be substituted with savage rituals.
For those who choose whether there is a need for a high school diploma or not the following benefits can serve as decisive arguments: basic social and learning skills, better career opportunities, the possibility of higher education, and financial benefit as a result (Thompson 2012).
It is obvious that we acquire basic reading, writing, and calculating skills in school.  But what is more important is that the school trains pupils on how to be attentive, how to deal with various people, and how to manage personal time.  These skills seem secondary but they are as important as basic science skills.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful Scholarship Essay, n.d.)
Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful Scholarship Essay.
(Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful Scholarship Essay)
Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful Scholarship Essay.
“Importance of High School Diploma or College Degree to Be Successful Scholarship Essay”.
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