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Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Single-Sex Classrooms - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Single-Sex Classrooms' presents single-sex classrooms which are beneficial for the learning and development needs of students owing to the differences in learning between females and males…
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Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Single-Sex Classrooms
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Extract of sample "Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Single-Sex Classrooms"

Download file to see previous pages Single-sex classrooms will also be beneficial as it gives a platform for the generation of techniques geared towards a given type of gender for the better performance in learning. There is also a belief by parents that different gender in the same classroom provides a distraction to their children, hence another need for the paradigm shift to single-sex classrooms (Policy and Program Studies Service ). Single-sex classrooms benefit students in terms of the development of new positive traits and there is an increase in student engagement in the learning process in single-sex classrooms (CRC). The reason for this is that boys are more aggressive than girls making them more dominant when they are in the same class but when separated the girls can speak up and augment their levels of engagement as well as boys who are in a similar position when they are by themselves. Single-sex classrooms also make it easier for the implementation of teaching strategies and bring in a sense of community. Review of programs requires submission of measures of academic performance data by gender and ethnicity, which is easier in single-sex classrooms.
A supporting point for single-sex classrooms is based on the educational chances it provides. In coed classrooms, males are stereotyped as being poor in language and arts while females are stereotyped for being poor in science and mathematics (Smyth). In single-sex classrooms, both males and females can make the best out of educational opportunities without being held back by prejudices, stereotypes or expectations (CRC). For instance, girls learning at single-sex classrooms are encouraged to explore non-conventional subjects and learn subjects they might not attempt in coed schools.
An advantage of single-sex classrooms is personalized learning. It is clear that boys and girls learn in varying ways.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Sin Case Study, n.d.)
Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Sin Case Study.
(Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Sin Case Study)
Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Sin Case Study.
“Importance of Having a Paradigm Shift from Mixed-Sex Classrooms to Sin Case Study”.
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