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The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education - Assignment Example

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The paper “The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education” will provide arguments for and against if time is ripe for reconceiving language education for appropriate deployment in our linguistically-diverse classrooms. Language education needs to be cultural…
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The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education
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Extract of sample "The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education"

Download file to see previous pages Language education is defined by Gao (2010:13) as the teaching and learning of a foreign or a second language. Increased globalization has increased the need for people to communicate in multiple languages, especially in education and religion. The European Union has placed the goal of requiring all the students to learn two non-native languages.
Language education needs to be culturally and linguistically responsive to the various needs of the students. This type of education needs to foster the principle of ‘reading first, no student left behind.’ In order for teachers to effectively teach a linguistically diverse classroom, they need to meet the needs of every each student individually and successfully, as well as effectively implementing research-based strategies on addressing classroom language diversity. In that perspective, the paper will provide arguments for and against if time is ripe for reconceiving language education for appropriate deployment in our linguistically-diverse classrooms.
In a globalized world, one of the most crucial realities of contemporary education is the increasing racial, cultural and linguistic diversity in learning institutions and the problems that are associated with educating the large numbers of those students who do not converse in the dominant language as their home language (Miller, 2012).
Due to the fundamental importance of language, language education in a linguistically diverse classroom is very crucial, since it acts as a major source of communication between people. The ability to use language assists one to utilize it as a tool to solve problems. Language is useful for the utilization of knowledge and comprehension.
In the last three decades, numerous educational researchers have emphasized the role of language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education Assignment.
(The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education Assignment)
The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education Assignment.
“The Time Is Ripe for Reconceive Language Education Assignment”.
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