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English Pronouncing Dictionary by Daniel Jones - Article Example

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In the paper “English Pronouncing Dictionary by Daniel Jones” the author focuses on the presence of prescriptive approaches, which is familiar to linguistic academics. All that dictionary aims at doing is to give a faithful record of the manner in which certain people do pronounce…
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English Pronouncing Dictionary by Daniel Jones
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Download file to see previous pages The perspectives of linguists have unimportant or no influence on the general public, who keeps on looking to grammars and manuals, and dictionaries as specialists on ‘correct’ usage. For instance, if dictionary-makers or lexicographers exert effort to eliminate all hints of bias from their work and decline to classify specific usages as ‘slang’ and others as ‘colloquial’, there would be the conceivable public protest. A case in point is Robert Burchfield’s rendition of the classic Modern English Usage by Fowler which received numerous complaints on the basis that his recognition of contemporary developments in usage promotes ‘wrong application’ of language (Aarts & McMahon, 2006, 763). Contemporary linguistic scholars, nonetheless, have consistently had justifications to claim that their discipline is basically descriptive in nature and not prescriptive. Throughout the last century, their arguments have been encouraged by a need to explore language in all its aspects as impartially as necessary (Matthews, 2001, 152). In light of this debate between prescriptivism and descriptivism, this paper will attempt to analyze the structures and components of these two linguistic traditions. Primarily, the history of the English language will be discussed as well as the beginnings of prescriptive linguistics and the ensuing argument between the emerging concept of prescription and the traditional descriptive style. Then, in the following sections, the form, pedagogy, strengths, and weaknesses of the prescriptivism and descriptivism will be systematically discussed. And then the last part will be a summary of the discussions and analyses of the topic at hand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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