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Employment Program for the Graduate Students in Saudi Arabia - Coursework Example

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"Employment Program for the Graduate Students in Saudi Arabia" paper focuses on one of the efficiently working agencies of the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia which has been ensuring that the country is able to fulfill the employment needs of the nation effectively…
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Extract of sample "Employment Program for the Graduate Students in Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages Since there is a discrepancy in the number of graduates and jobs available for them, SACM needs an additional amount of grants. It has been proposed that the development of a new department and an effective website will resolve the problem. It will be ensured that the graduates acquire all mandatory skills required for carrying out their work professionally. SACM will be able to efficiently manage the information about the graduates and the jobs available for them. All of these initiatives will ensure that the unemployment rate is reduced and the economic performance of the country is enhanced by a significant amount.

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) is a specialized body created by the Higher Education Commission of Saudi Arabia to ensure that it has a highly competent and skilled workforce in the future. The main purpose of this body is to implement educational and training policies required for the country in accordance with the demands of the professional world. It assists the government in preparing a qualified pool of individuals who have the capability of achieving the goals of the nation for its successive progression and development (“Background educational system in Saudi Arabia”, 2013).

This body strives to offer the Saudi nationals the superior quality opportunities required in the education field by providing them both financial and academic support. Since the inception of the King Abdullah Scholarship Program in 2005 by SACM, the number of Saudi graduate students acquiring higher education from foreign universities has increased drastically. Even the government is supportive of the initiatives undertaken by SACM so that the students are provided international exposure (“Welcome to SACM”, 2013). The key objectives of the educational policy of Saudi Arabia are to:

In 1975, the Ministry of Higher Education was founded for the implementation of the Kingdom’s policy required for higher education which will expand the sphere of post-secondary education. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employment Program for the Graduate Students in Saudi Arabia Coursework.
(Employment Program for the Graduate Students in Saudi Arabia Coursework)
Employment Program for the Graduate Students in Saudi Arabia Coursework.
“Employment Program for the Graduate Students in Saudi Arabia Coursework”.
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