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Reflection of the Four Action Learning Sessions - Essay Example

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This paper is an account of reflection of the four action learning sessions the author participated in during the classes; it highlights the experiences in the author's first four action learning sets (ALS) in the medical field, what he/she learned about him/herself and the entire ALS…
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Reflection of the Four Action Learning Sessions
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Extract of sample "Reflection of the Four Action Learning Sessions"

Download file to see previous pages I did not want to miss any of these presentations once I became familiar with the whole procedure and the mode of presentation. Even though I didn’t like it at the beginning, I guessed it all required my utter attention which I had not fully invested in the course I was pursuing. I realized I needed to exploit the full potential of my ability and the need to uphold the best standards of my interests in order to fully satisfy my ego. I had to put in all I could in ensuring that I achieved the best of the result that I could appreciate. The presentations made me learn that people only like what they know and the knowledge of our abilities is the beginning of the development in the interests invested in different areas of specialization. The practical aspect is as well the best way to demonstrate the knowledge of a particular activity in the area of interest. Besides group learning is very important as people get to share what they know with other people and in this way, the others get to know and understand whatever they do not know by observing these from the other people who might know them. It is very educative watching other people present their ideas before the class and other experts trying to convince the others that the perspectives they have taken in looking at a particular phenomenon are the right way and which needs to be agreed upon (Hale, 2004).

The morning of the first ASL presentation was accompanied by a lot of rain which of course lasted for long. It was freezing cold and unfit for the lazy and uninterested men to wake up for the classes. Being that I didn’t enjoy my previous encounters and that the previous ASL presented a total loss for me, I lost interest in attending the presentations and when the rains exceeded its usual pounds, I decided to bury my head under my blanket and intentionally skip the presentations. Moreover, the rains were just too much and we could not be able to drive to school since the roads were somehow impassible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflection of the Four Action Learning Sessions Essay.
(Reflection of the Four Action Learning Sessions Essay)
Reflection of the Four Action Learning Sessions Essay.
“Reflection of the Four Action Learning Sessions Essay”.
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