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Learning Strategies and Preference Clients in Recovery - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Learning Strategies and Preference Clients in Recovery” looks at the curative counseling that takes place within drug rehab facilities. Whereas substance abuse surely has a powerful physical element, several abusers effectively detox, just to relapse afterward…
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Learning Strategies and Preference Clients in Recovery
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Download file to see previous pages DARS: it stands for Drug Abuse Recognition System. It includes the newest as well as the most consistent detection arrangement, in addition to a methodically researched and technically based guidance and teaching program.
Idaho Department of Corrections: The Idaho Department of Correction is in charge of the imprisonment as well as community control of criminals within Idaho. IDOC runs eight jails, four community workplaces and several trials and parole centers.
In the state of Idaho, the problem of substance abuse has grown, which increases the number of incarcerated individuals in a correctional institution. The addition of drugs or alcohol has no barriers and it affects people of all ages, gender, education level, and economics level alike. This situation has increased the need for facilitators in the area. The educational level of these facilitators can be a certified alcohol and drug counselor, a licensed social worker, or a licensed counselor. These educators in the addiction field have not received much training on how Adult Learners learn. Many programs in the Recovery field are cognitive-based training for students. The facilitators are taught motivational interviewing to determine the client’s readiness for change and to find out which level and recovery program is suitable for the client. Few curriculums address the way Adult Learners learn (Stevens & Smith, 2008). Very few facilitators have a tool to assess what type of learner they are working with and which style of learning should be used with the client. The author is unaware of any training, or core training, being used in the recovery field that assesses the learning style of the client, it appears they are just given the information and expected to learn the information without knowing how the client learns.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Strategies and Preference Clients in Recovery Research Paper.
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