Assessing the Health Status of a Client - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses assessing the health status of a client which is the first step towards recovery. The easiest way to get the chief complaint is through asking the client simple questions. The chief complaint may not be the main problem but it is the starting point of a health assessment…
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Assessing the Health Status of a Client
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Download file to see previous pages The assessment leads to the main problem. I introduced myself to my client and asked how I may help him. The man stated that the main reason for coming to the hospital was because lately, he was experiencing the frequent earache. In health assessment, collecting subjective and objective data is of paramount importance. These two stages form a good basis for diagnosis hence if not accurately done will lead to an improper diagnosis. Weber and Kelley (2009), simply define subjective data as the client’s perception of his health. That is, this kind of data can only be verified by the client, thus, the nurse must be equipped with effective interviewing skills. To get this, the health officer has to inquire about the client’s past health history, family history, and health and lifestyle practices. In addition, get biographical data like name and occupation; physical symptoms related to the ears and cultural practices. This is because some medical conditions like cancer may be passed down the family tree. Past health history helps in knowing how long the client has suffered from the disease or whether the complication is a new development. The client may also be engaging in a lifestyle or occupation that puts his health at risk. For instance, too much exposure to loud noise may be the cause of the hearing problems. My client is called Tom Robinson. He is an Engineer who has worked in a food processing factory for five years. He also loves music and uses earphones quite often. His office is located next to the factory’s main processor but it does not have sound proof walls. So, Tom can still hear the loud noise from his office. Nobody in the family has ever had ear problems. Tom says that he usually experiences this pain when he lies down to sleep, early in the morning and after getting off his earphones. The pain has been consistent for the last three weeks and often leads to a mild headache. Weber and Kelley (2009) say that objective data is verified by the examiner. This data is mainly obtained through observation, thus, the examiner must be thoroughly equipped with the four examination techniques. Objective data includes physical characteristics like skin and eye color; body functions like heartbeat and respiratory rate; measurements of blood pressure, temperature, height, and weight; mood; results of laboratory testing and X-ray findings. Objective data aids the doctor in diagnosing the main problem. Through this kind of data, the medic is able to know what is happening even in the internal organs of the client. For instance, an earache can be a pointer to a hidden problem like Tonsillitis but can only be verified after objective data is collected. My client had a temperature of forty degrees Celsius but normal heartbeat and blood pressure.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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