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Ch. 5 Writing Today p. 63-83 + other excerpts from the Textbook - Essay Example

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Judging from the throng of expectant women seated in the well-lit, air-conditioned waiting room of the obstetrics practice located in the city’s tallest skyscraper, it was apparent that Mohammed Bugnah is at the very top of his profession. One at a time, the women make their…
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Ch. 5 Writing Today p. 63-83 + other excerpts from the Textbook
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Download file to see previous pages He completed his medical training in Canada back in 1970 despite the challenges he faced as a foreigner of Middle-Eastern decent. Bugnah cites language barrier as the main obstacle that impeded the training process. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, he was fluent in Arabic, and could barely speak English. This remained the case even after he decided to enroll in medical school in a foreign country. He admits that this disadvantage prompted him to work harder than his counterparts who were born and bred in Canada. The fact that he was also sure about what sub-field he wanted to specialize in helped him focus all his energy in perfecting his craft. “I could already see the finish line from the race’s starting point,” he retorted when asked about whether he was sure whether this was the career, he had always wanted.
Because his profession centers on bringing new life into this world, the curiosity to know whether Bugnah had a family of his own ran high. “I have been blessed with a beautiful wife, three daughters and three sons”, he stated with a smile on his face. His reminiscent look showed how deeply he cared about his family: and why not? He had every reason to be happy about being able to expand his career while simultaneously take charge as the family’s primary breadwinner, as is the custom in the Middle East (AbuKhalil).
Determined to know more about what his plans for the future were, I asked him about his accolades he had received in the past. Bugnah remains a well-respected OBGYN, regarded by those within and without the profession. So far, he has received honorary awards from top-universities across the globe, and especially at his alma mater. He continuously engages in research projects, which has resulted in the publication of many of his works. Bugnah hopes to retire in five years time, which will give him more time to focus on the research aspect of OBGYN. It is evident that just like others in his profession, full-time research is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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