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The Significance of Self Learning - Personal Statement Example

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The paper “The Significance of Self Learning” focuses on a self-educating process in which the learner gains learning from personal experiences, and the environment. Self-reflective learning is fundamentally a byproduct of the individual’s personal interest and dedication towards self-education…
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The Significance of Self Learning
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Download file to see previous pages “The highly motivated, self-directed learner with skills in self-reflection can approach the workplace as a continual classroom from which to learn.” (Baker, 2007).
Self-reflection is a matter of thinking and analyzing our responses towards matters of everyday life. It requires time solely dedicated to thoughtful analysis. It may seem like wastage of time, but actually, by conducting self-analysis, we are able to do things in a better and more time-saving manner. “Study without reflection is a waste of time; reflection without study is dangerous.” (Einstein, cited in Smith, 2010).
Reflection requires us to adopt an apply-and–analyze sort of attitude towards everyday matters. We can reflect by conducting an analysis of our responses routinely. For example, before going to sleep, we should ask ourselves questions and apply the lessons learned from the answers to the matters encountered in the following day. The cycle should continue.
(Mezirow, 1981 cited in McIsaac, 1996) referred to Jurgen Habermas as the “most influential thinker in Germany” from the period 1970 – 1980. Emancipatory knowledge which defines the concept of self-reflective learning is one of the three cognitive areas as identified by Jurgen Habermas. (McIsaac, 1996). The essence of Emancipatory domain’s stance on reflective learning lies in the justification of one’s personal visualization of one’s experiences. The domain emphasizes that although one can not gain complete hold over the matters of one’s daily life as they involve factors beyond human control, yet through careful visualization and self-analysis, one can at least work out the most probable reasons for any difficulties one encounters. Besides, there have also been other scholars who have reaffirmed the idea. After conducting a lot of studies, (Franken, 1994: 443 cited in Huitt, 2009) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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