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Entrepreneurial Venture: Cleaning Business - Essay Example

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Cleaning Business Most youngsters of present generation would perhaps not step in the venture of Cleaning Business, but the profitability associated with the business is satisfactory. There is no specific qualification required to run the business, and the dedication to please the customers with a thorough proper cleaning job is all that matters…
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Entrepreneurial Venture: Cleaning Business
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time I wanted regular cash flow in my business and wanted to reduce or eliminate accounts receivable from my business. Considering my criteria of setting up of a business, the option of being an entrepreneur of a house cleaning suited my preference. The business required no purchase of equipments or inventory as the other business demands. The business started on a very small scale, and was carried out on a small platform. The flexibility of running the business either from home or commercial location provides an added advantage (Bewsey, 2007) and I tried to utilize this opportunity to a large extent. Due to inadequate management skills, I started independent operation of the business. The sole proprietorship nature of the business however had a clear disadvantage, as the business tax are paid from the accounts of personal income tax and the losses are also deducted from the same source. (Jorstad & Morse, 2009) During the initial days lot of hard work was demanded from the business and the job was very laborious in nature. The protracted nature of the work took a tool on the health. But as the business graduated I hired some people to take care of the job and was busy in scheduling, handling customer queries and other related job to the field. In the initial days of the business, however I enjoyed good weekends as the clients do not want the house keeping staffs to be around during weekends. A search for customers and Marketing: The success of any business in the long run depends on the customer the business deals with. Keeping the factor in mind a careful analysis of the prospect was done. The result of the analysis found out that the customers opting for house cleaning are basically households of varied income range and also rental homes and apartments. (Morrow, 2008) In order to bring the customer segment into focus few marketing approaches were carried out like advertisement in local newspaper and magazines. The advertisement was successful in dragging the attention of many and soon numerous offers for housing cleaning was in place. Cleaning at pace: The business started swiftly and there was not much of hindrance in the initial stage. The number of customers was increasing at a rapid rate. The relationships with customers were based on verbal trust and the type of services offered decided the reputation. Keeping the factors in mind Quality customer satisfaction was provided. There was no default in the payments from the customers and cash flow occurred at a steady and regular interval. The business reached its peak within some time from the start of the operation and new areas of expansion was aimed at. Change of roads: The rise in growth of the house keeping business provided new opportunities to diversify the business and experience new markets. The business soon diversified into carpet and tile cleaning section. The advantages associated with this form of cleaning looked much more profitable as the carpet cleaning is very much in demand and the earnings from carpet cleaning is much more than that simple house cleaning. Carpet cleaning industry has been much steady over the years. (Thrailkill, n.d.). The experience inculcated in carrying out the house cleaning helped a lot in the framing of the new business concerning carpet and tile cleaning. Legal issues were dealt transparently and the licensing of the business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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