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Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation,” the author focuses on net generation, which is a term widely applied to the young people now coming of age into institutions of higher education who have generally grown up with technology and arguably possess some proficiency in it. …
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Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation
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Extract of sample "Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation"

Download file to see previous pages accordingly, they build up social networks to acquire needed know-how from peers and other contacts. Instant messaging, text messaging, and easy access to the information highway have grown to be the norm for social networking. Wireless communication for this generation is not so much technology as a staple of their young lives (Oblinger & Oblinger, 2005).
These students easily take for granted engaging multimedia settings with striking graphics and quality sound and expect comparable features in digital educational tools. Most have grown up with dynamic video games and multimedia entertainment and, by school age, almost all possess some personal experience of the marvels of technology (Tapscott, 1999). Besides offering appealing narrative and prospects for interactive participation, the digital tools most familiar to them use eye-catching graphics and realistic audio. Young people in affluent neighborhoods typically enjoy a well-designed home theatre space equipped with a life-like screen display and a high-fidelity surround-sound system. Videogame players generate more and more realistic photo-quality exciting action that gives virtual reality the feel of actually being inside a digital world (Prensky, 2001).
Apropos of the ongoing expansion of high-speed Internet accessibility and a plethora of online learning aids in secondary schools, some professionals like Prensky are convinced that the synthesis of computer-based interactive education with sophisticated videogame technology should be assessed as a modern version of play theory with real possibilities of an effective teaching method for the new generation of digital natives. Instead of expecting the net generation to conform to older academic teaching methods, educational institutions should be researching means to creatively address the high-tech learning styles that are more amenable to these new generations' unique cultural milieu (2001). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation Assignment.
(Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation Assignment)
Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation Assignment.
“Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation Assignment”.
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