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Problematizing the Use and Learning of a Second Language - Essay Example

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The author of the essay evaluates the challenges faced by the students when English speaking and in their writing practices. The author also highlights a few areas that both the students and lecturers can work on to bridge the English proficiency gaps. …
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Problematizing the Use and Learning of a Second Language
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Download file to see previous pages The quest for education has attracted international students to foreign countries. Both undergraduate and graduate international students are, for example, enrolling in the United States universities in large numbers. The students, however, encounter several challenges as they strive for academic excellence and adapting to the new society. They even find it hard to socialize with the local students because of inadequacies in language proficiency and other related factors. In spite of the challenges, the students are of benefit to the learning communities both at the national and state levels. They introduce new cultures and bring about financial gains to American institutions.
It is a fact that the English language is prevalent in various countries all over the world, but the level of understanding on how to use it differs. Several countries in Africa and Asia have embraced the English language. I believe that English is the most learned language in schools. I think that governments and institutions interested in enhancing their quality of learning cannot understate the value of English. Drawing examples from Chinese students, Qian, presents a comprehensive study of the teaching methods that can improve their oral English. He notes that China has given attention to the learning of oral English in colleges (Qian 2204). I think that in spite of China’s rampant economic growth, they still have to depend on the language when sourcing for foreigner investors. I fail to understand how China’s growth can continue if they can fail to embrace the language. By teaching English to their children and students in colleges, they provide grounds for their future growth. Qian, a lecturer at the department of English in Zhenjiang Watercraft College, argues that “it is true in China that thousands of students cannot speak fluent English although they have learned it for several years” (2204).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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