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Take a quick stroll through the Mustill Store and the Cascade Lock Park without talking to anyone including your family members, classmates and the park volunteers. As you saunter though the environs that include the Mustill Store and the Cascade Lock Park,
A thick response is…
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Extract of sample "A CURSORY JOURNEY: BEFORE"

A Cursory Journey: Before Take a quick stroll through the Mustill Store and the Cascade Lock Park without talking to anyone including your family members, classmates and the park volunteers. As you saunter though the environs that include the Mustill Store and the Cascade Lock Park,
Look around and ponder the learning that might take place.
Read the interpretive signs as you meander.
Record three ideas, content, and information with which you interact.
Give thick efferent and aesthetic responses to each of the three ideas, content, and information (Six total responses).
A thick response is a “responses that goes beyond the mere or bare reporting of an act (thin description), but describes and probes the intentions, motives, meanings, context, situations, and circumstances of action” (Glesne, 2006, p. 27), ideas, content or information.
An efferent response is a response that “pays more attention to the cognitive, the referential, the factual, the analytic, the logical, the quantitative aspects of meaning” (Rosenblatt, 1994/2005, p. 12); and
An aesthetic response is a response that “pays more attention to the sensuous, the affective, the emotive, the qualitative” (p. 12)).
Write three questions that you would like answered if you have time to talk with a family member, a classmate or a park volunteer or tour guide.
(Note: As you key information, the boxes will expand.)
Glesne, C. (2006). Becoming qualitative researchers: An introduction (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Incorporated.
Rosenblatt, L. M. (1994/2005). The transactional theory of reading and writing, In Making meaning with texts: Selected Essays, (p. 1 – 37). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann
Idea 1: The difference between the old history and contemporary history of Mustill Store’s interior design, especially as regards furniture and tools like heating system and kitchen tools.
Location (strike-out one) Mustill Store Cascade Lock Park
Efferent response: Mustill Store was a site for buying and bartering goods and it is a good solution for farmers, canallers, and residents who are looking for nearby convenient place to shop.
Aesthetic response: The bustling activities of all the industries that can be found in Cascade Lock Park, such as a distillery, furniture factories, rubber factories, and so on.
Idea 2: The exploration of the various types of birds, plants, and flowers that can be found in the Cascade Lock Park as a lecture for the science class.
Location (strike-out one) Mustill Store Cascade Lock Park
Efferent response: The Cascade Lock Park, with its numerous lakes and rivers, is a sanctuary for varied threatened species.
Aesthetic response: Urban and suburban landscape teeming with biodiversity. A working and living space filled with varied flora and fauna.
Idea 3: Considering setting up a waterfall in the Cascade Lock Park as a sustainable power source. Students should see how systems of locks can help maintain safe transportation of farm goods and natural resources and contribute to the growth of tourism.
(Science class)
Location (strike-out one) Mustill Store Cascade Lock Park
Efferent response: Systems of locks can be used to make navigation easier and safer; it provides a canal a realistically direct route across unlevelled land.
Aesthetic response: From the moment it was constructed, the Cascade Lock can already be depicted as a natural and technological genius, with several channels or streams adding to its aesthetic attraction.
Question 1: How did commerce change in the Mustill Store and the Cascade Lock Park over the years?
Question 2: Is the Park still successful in sustaining biodiversity and protecting endangered species?
Question 3: What are some of the most invasive human-made activities carried out in the Park?
Question 4: How is the community dealing with the growing tourism in this area? Read More
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