Who or What Influenced You to Apply to Syracuse University - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the following paper “Who or What Influenced You to Apply to Syracuse University?” the author discusses the saying of astronomer Archimedes that you give a long lever and a fulcrum to a person, he/she will be able to move the Earth and even more…
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Who or What Influenced You to Apply to Syracuse University
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Extract of sample "Who or What Influenced You to Apply to Syracuse University"

To my mind, this fulcrum can be Syracuse University, especially for me. It's really a place, where I can improve my skills and learn how not to be afraid of falling over on the way to success. Why  Syracuse University? First, it offers a great choice of academic programs. For example, undergraduates and graduate students can take their classes at the Syracuse University campus in Florence, Italy. Besides, there is the Scholar Exchange Program that allows taking ones' class in the Cornell University or the University of Rochester. About 40 percent of Syracuse University students study in other countries of the world. Syracuse University expands boundaries of the world’s science, the world’s culture and technology. By the way, about the Orange science. Britton Plourde, associate professor of physics, has received a three-year grant award from the Army Research Office (ARO) for his project “Accurate Qubit Control with Single Flux Quantum Pulses”. I think extra comments are unwanted. And to underline the high level of education it is enough to mention some well-known graduates of Syracuse University, for example, Joseph "Joe" Robinette Biden, Jr., Julia Álvarez, Peter Michael Falk, John Sykes, Suzanne Pleshette, and others. In my opinion, it's very necessary to pay one's attention to its location. It's situated in the USA's heart, New York City. But I think it's not reasonable to enumerate advantages of the Orange. Summary of Syracuse University is a mix of educational traditions and innovations. Syracuse is a place where students and teachers are the great harmonious family. And I would like to join them. Read More
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