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The paper "Personal and Professional Accomplishments since Graduation " highlights that the author started a farming project in which he uses greenhouses in the production of tomatoes and strawberries. He supplies some to the food manufacturing company he works in…
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Personal and Professional Accomplishments since Graduation
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Personal and Professional Accomplishments since Graduation
It is a great honor to attend the 10-year reunion after graduation from Temple University. The alumni office has done such a great job in inviting me for this reunion because it allows me to return to an institution that was largely significant in the development of my personal and professional goals. I have achieved some personal and professional accomplishments in the 10 years I have been outside school.
Some of my personal accomplishments include engaging in sports, specifically football and basketball, which have helped me in maintaining my perfectly chiseled body. Although I was quite chubby and overweight while a student, I learnt the need to engage in physical activities, which has helped me maintain my body weight. Another personal accomplishment is participation in charity work. I work in liaison with local communities to organize, coordinate and participate in such activities. To say the least, this has given me a great sense of personal satisfaction.
My major professional accomplishment is that I serve as a sales director in a leading food manufacturing company. As a director, I played a key role in opening up new supply channels across the country that have helped the business grow to rival international companies. When I joined the company, it only had two branches countrywide, but it now boasts of ten branches all over the country. I believe this is a major professional accomplishment considering the current competitive business environment. In addition, I started a farming project in which I use greenhouses in the production of tomatoes and strawberries. I supply some to the food manufacturing company I work in, while the rest I supply in local grocery stores.
Currently, I continue to work hard and smart, and probably achieve more personal and professional accomplishments. Read More
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