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How Plagiarism Impacts the Universities - Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper “How Plagiarism Impacts the Universities” will look at the plagiarism, which is an unethical practice that jeopardizes the credibility of the quality of education offered in universities. Conventionally, universities are supposed to be a source of knowledge and manpower…
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How Plagiarism Impacts the Universities
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Extract of sample "How Plagiarism Impacts the Universities"

Download file to see previous pages It is from this premise that universities have instituted codes of ethics to promote good academic practices (“Academic Integrity and Ethics”, 2014). Plagiarism compromises the quality of education offered in tertiary institutions and the research conducted by students due to failure to recognise other scholars’ works.
The tutors have a mandate to implement the provisions of the policies with utter strictness to ensure the learning processes in their institutions are above board recognize any form of academic malpractice (Ting, Musa, & Mah, 2014, p. 74). However, due to the laxity in the implementation of these codes across all universities the issue continues to thrive because some institutions tend to have less stringent measures regarding concerning plagiarism. Parents prefer to enrol their children in schools with high academic integrity to ensure they gain a quality education and knowledge before they get into the corporate world. It is from this point that the issue of class or status among schools arises. Conventionally, some schools tend to be ranked better than others despite both having equal capacity in terms of faculty members and other learning resources. Therefore, institutions that are strict on academic integrity tend to be reputable since the stakeholder in the corporate world tend to prefer the graduates from such institutions at the expense of the graduates from schools with lenient plagiarism measures and other uncouth academic practices (“Why Students Plagiarise”, 2014).
University education is based on research work through which new ideas and knowledge are discovered in the course of learning. It is from learning processes in the tertiary institutions that new techniques and methodologies of doing things in the market are developed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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