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Working in a Learning Context - Essay Example

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The essay details my skill development based on certain learning outcomes expected after working in a primary school with Reception for…
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Working in a Learning Context
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Download file to see previous pages My communication skills development has been achieved through showing respect, being considerate, taking your time to listen to the children, among others. I have been assertive while engaging in effective communication with the children.
In order to communicate effectively with young people particularly primary school children, there are number of skills one needs to demonstrate during the course of their interaction. Although these skills might be applied on a daily basis, you should reflect on how they impact your personal and professional skills. Research shows that children learn to communicate through the responses made by their seniors. In addition, the fact that communication is a two-way process would mean that engaging in a conversation with children is beneficial in communication skill development for both parties (Green and Hopwood 2015).
During the working period, I identified that pupils ought to be given a chance to talk. In addition, one should actively listen and maintain eye contact with the child. When I identified that some children lack enough confidence to express themselves, I engaged them in a friendly conversation as if we were equals. In this way, the children actively put forward their thoughts, and I also learnt to ‘dig in’ information from the children, which is an essential professional skill in addressing day-to-day issues. Giving eye contact to the children, in addition to the use of body language made me approachable to the children (Lefevre 2010). In this sense, I developed some personal skills, which are essential during staff meetings and engagement with my colleagues.
Being assertive involves expressing yourself effectively, while maintaining your point of view, as well as the rights and beliefs of the listeners. In particular assertive communication is relevant while working with children in that one can boost the children’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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