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Arts Program - Essay Example

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Arts program success vary from science or a math program success in that in the arts programs, complement some basic skills in reading, writing skills and also with the development of language. Through arts, students can do letter associates. Arts program are also successful…
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Arts Program
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Extract of sample "Arts Program"

FINE ART Part one. In the current educational system, are normally given major academic content so as to achieve bothin school and life after school. This is done through science and arts programs
Arts program success vary from science or a math program success in that in the arts programs, complement some basic skills in reading, writing skills and also with the development of language. Through arts, students can do letter associates. Arts program are also successful because students can be able to engage arts which act as a media for communication and connection (McAnew, C. 2013).
One of the success measuring benchmarks of an art program is through art which act as a media for individual and also bring none existed thing into the world.
Another benchmark is through what the student development of technical capacity of creating and responding the artwork.
This can also be through theater and drama which have been preparing student to have an achievement in reading and writing. This is because it refines oral skills in language.
Part two.
Research project on quality between the private fine arts academy and local public schools.
The three types of data that I will collect include the following:
Survey data: I will go to the two types of schools and carry out a survey about the fine. Will give the students some standardized papers which in them it contain some predetermined questions about fine arts.
Interview data: I will go and get the student and have individual interviews about fine art.
Focus groups data: I will use structured interviews with small groups of students by using standardized questions and also using the follow-up questions.
In the data collection, I will use several types of instruments which include the following.
Questionnaire. This is where by fine art students will fill in the questionnaire in the questions asked about fine art. This is used in the survey.
Observation. I will participate personally and observe the fine artwork done by the two types of schools through the objects they made.
Interviews. In the case of interview data, I will conduct individual interviews with the students about fine art, in both the two types of schools.
After all this I will compile the work and come up with a report about my research project, and present it to the principal.
In the case of focus group data and interview data, they are qualitative because they made me understand underlying reasons and opinions. The insight to the problem is provided. When I was conducting individual interviews, focus groups and direct observation, I got the insight to the problem and developed hypotheses so as to go deep into the problem.
In the case of survey data, it is quantitative because numerical data was generated. This is through the standardized paper that I gave to the students in both the two schools.
The curriculum at the fine art academy might change because, in the research conducted in both the two types of schools, students gave out their views on how they want the fine arts class to be conducted. And also the problems they face. This will enable the principal of a fine arts private academy to make some changes in the curriculum so as to meet the needs and demands of the students. In the data collected I discovered that many students like fine arts but in the case of the public schools, they luck enough facilities and personnel to conduct the fine arts.
McAnew, C. (2013). Fine art and high finance: Expert advice on the economics of ownership. Hoboken, N.J: Bloomberg Press.
Hegel, G. W. F. (n.d.). Aesthetics: Lectures on fine art. Oxford: Clarendon / Oxford University Press, 1998.
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