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Assignment 4: Curriculum Recommendations Introduction In order to maintain an effective and a well-balanced standard of educational system, the introduction, execution as well as the development of a dynamic curriculum is utmost consideration for different educational institutions…
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Assignment 4: Curriculum Recommendations
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Download file to see previous pages In relation to the present competitive educational environment especially in the Grade K12 schools, the integration of an effective curriculum is an important aspect which can enable the institutions to obtain better control of their various educational practices (LeDuc & Miller, 2012). Emphasizing upon the present rapid pace of developing authentic curriculum in the K12 school systems, the primary purpose of this report is to identify and develop effective curriculum plan for “Savannah Arts Academy.” In this context, the report will encompass different areas relating to the population and neighborhood environment of the institution. Moreover, various aspects like identifying and recommending major goals/objectives of the curriculum in order to ensure high quality education, student engagement along with cultural diversity and community involvement aspects will also be discussed in this report. Student Population and Neighborhood Environment of Savannah Arts Academy Savannah Arts Academy (SAA) is fundamentally regarded as one of the prominent and well-build educational institutions which is highly renowned for its visual arts educational settings. The school has recognized itself as one of the best educational institutions within the Georgia state in terms of providing visual arts, fine arts, communication arts along with theatrical, dance and music education to a huge figure of 9th to 12th grade students. Presently, more than 750 numbers of students from different geographical regions are enrolled in different educational streams in this particular institution. In terms of depicting general attitudes towards school, it has been viewed that the present teachers of the academy are focusing much upon providing exceptional courses of education to each grade of students within the school (U.S.News & World Report LP, 2013). In relation to the neighborhood environment, it can be apparently observed that the students present in the academy belong to different geographical locations. The institution incorporates an effective regulatory process which tends to enroll students beyond the influence of culture, race, gender along with linguistic differences (Savannah-Chatham County Public School System, 2008). Identification and Deliverance a Rationale for Different Curriculum Goals The provision for developing an effective curriculum particular for K-12 school systems can be regarded as one of the major decisions of any curriculum leader with the intention of developing the educational standards of the schools. Therefore, setting appropriate goals for the curriculum is regarded as one of the most common decisions which need to be prepared in an effective manner. In relation to the identified goals for the grade K-12 curriculum, the students will be able to Understand the Significance of Arts: This can be In terms of expressing, demonstrating and lighting up human values, beliefs and practical experiences, Create, Perform and Respond: Through helping the students in terms of planning, experimenting as well as evaluating diverse arts activities in each art course, Understand the Major Characteristics of Arts: The implementation of the curriculum would further make the students to identify and to practice representative works including fine arts, theatres, music and dance, Recognize the Use of different Artistic Materials: The curriculum will enable the students to properly understand the appropriate use of art form materials, techniques along with different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Assignment 4: Curriculum Recommendations Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/education/1480352-assignment.
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