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The Best Out of Students in an Environment Defined by the Elements of Race - Essay Example

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This paper will be examining how race, class and gender play out in the American Educational System as well as any measures available to prevent these factors from negatively impacting on the educational experience. The social class defines the manner in which we approach life and as such it persists in every situation or context…
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The Best Out of Students in an Environment Defined by the Elements of Race
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Download file to see previous pages The school is a perfect microcosm of society and thus all realities taking place in society will also express in the school environment. A teacher teaching life skills required in a mathematics class for instance and the class is from a neighbourhood that of low economic status will most definitely notice a clear disconnect among students if the examples involve individuals making huge expenditures. Such a scenario will likely have a distractive effect on the manner in which the learners take up the skill that was intended. We are all coming from different economic backgrounds as well as cultures and therefore issues of the social class must express when we are placed in one environment as is the case in schools. Race on its part is a particularly obvious marker and as such is likely to have an even marked influence on education. America is one of the most historically rich countries when it comes to matters of racial diversity. While it may be necessary not our future generations dwell on injustices that occurred in the history of our country on racial lines, it may also be unfair to some. The race is a reality and that is a way it has to be tackled. It is in the spirit of American public policies and laws such as Title IX to have every American child accorded equal opportunity to access quality education. Disparities in representation still exist in our schools and are based on racial lines. Available data by the Department of Education shows that students of colour are disproportionately suffering suspension as well as the wrath of zero tolerance policies in many schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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