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  The writer of this essay discusses his desire to study Business in Entrepreneur. Since the business world fascinates him, he decided to pursue a career in this field in order to fulfill his passion. He developed an interest in business early in his life…
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My Reasons for Transferring and the Objectives
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Please provide a ment that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. I want to transfer because of my desire to study Business in Entrepreneur. Since the business world fascinates me, I decided to pursue a career in this field in order to fulfill my passion. I developed an interest in business early in my life, and since my youth I have made my mind to pursue a career in entrepreneurship one day. As a future entrepreneur, I want to take my parent’s retailing company to a next level. I would manufacture clothes that is competitively kept up with fashion trend and relocate production from Indonesia to China. Thus, the company can have a comparative advantage in freight cost. I will always look for a constant improvement in order to improve efficiency and productivity of the company. I was inspired by fashion giants like H&M , Zara, And Uniqlo and I am determined to make reputable company in working in theh field of retailing. Thus, when I came to the USA, I decided to pursue a degree in B.S. as a way of fulfilling my childhood dream. However, moving to the US had its challenges. At first, I experienced the challenge of transferring from high school to college. Nevertheless, I overcame the challenges. Thus, transferring to the U.S. enables me to fulfill my passion for studying business.
Another reason why I want to transfer is because I am interested in finding challenging educational opportunities. My studies at Pasadena City College (PCC) had been impressive because of the dedicated instructors who taught me well enabling me to think creatively. While PCC provided me with classes and activities needed to start the journey, I still believed that they were just the basics of my educational career. Indeed, PCC provided me with general courses that lacked in-depth skills for my higher education, which requires comprehensive knowledge other than simply attending lectures and mastering books. Upon transferring from PCC, I hope that I will be able to improve my skills with internships in a recognizable Company.
My enthusiasm to transfer is also led by my desire to explore wider networking possibilities. I realize that connecting with other people is vital to achieving a successful career. In PCC, I was involved in community service and organizations such as Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) and PERMIAS, an Indonesian community club. By transferring, I look forward to linking my profession with social work by maintaining connections with other students through social events. I believe that building connections with people from various nations with diverse values will make me acknowledge the challenges encountered in the future Read More
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