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An author of this personal writing "Reasons for Transferring and Statement of Objectives" would like to share his experience in studying and working in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, the paper reveals the importance of the nursing program in the university entrance…
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Reasons for Transferring and Statement of Objectives
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Reasons for Transferring and ment of Objectives I am currently a graduating in a major community college majoring in a degree in LiberalArts. I was originally enrolled as a nursing student from the same college where I was on my last semester prior to encountering personal problems with my family. From then on, I had to be independent and work to support my daily needs. The nursing program there was very intense and the challenges faced during the period prevented me to focus on the academic requirements. That was the reason why I opted to try a degree majoring in Liberal Arts to determine if the original course I pursued was indeed my dream. It is now that I realized that nursing is the profession for me.
The experience in the hospital with children and particularly one with a patient afflicted with emphysema made me remember the moment that I was so privileged to be given the opportunity to take care of those patients. There were various instances that required going to communities from programs sponsored by the church where I belong, to do community service.
I was on a health team so I did routine vital signs and body check to those homeless people. I was not afraid of them. Instead, I feel my innate desire and sincerity to help them. I then realized that I do not want to give up my dream on becoming a nurse. I want to go further in nursing field by further training and development in various fields of endeavor.
Also, I remembered that over the summer, I took care of my pregnant cousin and her one year old child. The experience of taking care of them that made me feel duly rewarded, successful and happy about what I am doing. There is a sense of fulfillment in having shared and applied what I have learned from my nursing courses and am determined to learn more to ensure that the necessary skills and capabilities would be honed for future use.
Consistent with NYU’s mission of “enhancing the lifelong capacity of individuals to thrive in, and contribute to, society in a variety of contexts”, it is my personal contention that my genuine desire to pursue and complete the career in nursing would fully develop my skills, knowledge and abilities in this field of endeavor. The end goal is to be instrumental in providing high quality in the delivery of health care, whether I would assume a crucial role in the health care setting or in community services.
I am determined to complete the nursing program to practice the delivery of health care in hospitals and community services organizations, which would need my health care qualifications. I look forward to enhancing this career in the future by delving into a master’s degree in nursing and possibly contribute to significant research in the field of health care.
I believe New York University is the ultimate multi-disciplinary institution to help me complete my unwavering dream. Read More
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Reasons for Transferring and Statement of Objectives Admission/Application Essay - 4.
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