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The writer of the current statement seeks to describe the reasoning for changing the education specialty and transfer rationale. Moreover, the writer arguments the reasons for the college transfer based on the aspects of the institution course curriculum…
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Reasons for College Transfer
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Reasons for Transfer
One of the major reasons that made me transfer to Pasadena City College is my desire to get a new challenge. Before joining my current college, I used to do a different course, which I felt it was too easy for me to do. Although the easy course could help me to improve my GPA, I thought it could still be difficult at some point to compete in the job market. Normally, when many people take a particular course, they flood the job market, making it almost impossible to secure employment. Because I felt it was not good for me to do a course that almost everyone found it easy, I decided to look for something that is a little bit challenging. Therefore, I decided to take a course that could present new challenges, which are necessary for adapting to the real world.
Second, I transferred because I was interested in changing my majors. Initially, I used to do a course in social science, but I felt it was not appropriate for me. While still in high school, I became interested in business, and I made my mind to take a career in entrepreneurship. However, after finishing high school, I could not take any course in business because of some college restrictions on the number of students enrolling for the courses. Thus, I was forced to take a social science course. Later, I realized it was still possible to major in business, but my former college could not offer the courses that I considered appropriate. Because I had entrepreneurship in my heart, I thought I would never be satisfied with a career in social science. Therefore, I decided to transfer in order to do what I liked.
Third, I transferred because I did not want to do an online distance learning course. Although some online distance learning courses are offered by reputable institutions, their accreditation system is not credible. When one completes an online course via distance learning, most employers do not recognize the qualifications, making it almost impossible for an individual to secure a relevant job. For instance, in my native country, higher education institutions and the government do not recognize academic certificates offered and accredited via online means. Because I wanted to avoid such inconveniences, I decided to transfer.
In addition, I transferred because I wanted to study in a reputable institution that could increase my prospects of securing employment in some of the U.S. multinationals. Since the U.S. companies understand the credibility of the educational institutions in the country, I thought it would be easy for me to be employed by one of those companies. Although I may not work within the U.S., it is still possible to be employed by an American company based in my country.
Lastly, I chose to transfer because I wanted to learn new cultures. While I was still in primary school, I had a great ambition of learning the ways of life of other people outside my country. Since America is a populous nation with diverse cultures, it provides one with a unique opportunity of interacting with many people from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, when the opportunity to study in the U.S. arose, I took it as a way of fulfilling my childhood dream. So, I decided to transfer to a US educational institution. Normally, educational institutions provide a perfect opportunity of interacting with many people especially from different cultural backgrounds.
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Reasons for College Transfer Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 13.
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