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Technology and the Curriculum - Essay Example

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We can definitely change our traditional culture of teaching and learning so that students are enabled to make significant contributions to their own learning and to their learning community. Children must be made aware that incorporation of technology in education will lead to…
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Technology and the Curriculum
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Download file to see previous pages In later years, students can make use of ICT to do research and create innovative pieces of work. Libraries are available online, where students are able to access a wide range of literary and scholarly work of famous authors. Technology must be incorporated into the curriculum so that students may enjoy their educational activities while enhancing independent thinking. Technology is required not only for learning but also for social adaptation (Wilmarth, as cited in Jacobs, 2010a, p.80) and media literacy (Baker, as cited in Jacobs, 2010b, p.133) that is beneficial for students in their personal and professional lives.
For example, In case of capturing digital images and making videos, children would require digital cameras and camcorders, respectively. The hardware required has got its benefits and weaknesses. The benefits include easy capturing of images and trouble-free video recording (Sheskey, as cited in Jacobs, 2010c, p.195). There is ease of use together with fun and educational learning. The main weakness of this hardware is that it is too expensive to be used by young children at EYFS and primary stage. If the camera is too complex in structure for young kids to understand, they will get frustrated and might stop using it. Still, with correct supervision, all technological tools can prove to be very beneficial for students. Skype is one example of such a forbidden resource that can prove to be very helpful for students (November, as cited in Jacobs, 2010d, p.186).
With the growing use of ICT in schools, there is no reason why children with special needs should be ignored. There are a lot of technological tools available in the market and online that help children with special needs adapt to their new learning environment which is more efficient and more helpful to them. These tools help children who find difficulties such as language hurdles, cultural hurdles, writing trouble (dysgraphia), reading difficulties (dyslexia), math ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology and the Curriculum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Technology and the Curriculum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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