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The school offers a wide array of courses that prepare students for different career opportunities at college level as well as in their future lives…
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Download file to see previous pages Other career specialties the school is developing include environmental education, disciplinary literacy, fine arts, and personal financial literacy education. The School Progress Index (SPI) is developed to evaluate the school’s achievements, growth, and gap reduction between elementary and middle schools as well as determine the college and career readiness for high school. The index (SPI) for the grades 3 – 12 is 0.9772 in 2012. The school improvement is measured using the accountability system whereby the school’s compliance to the set goals and objectives are continuously monitored over time. In order to ensure improvements, the school encourages teamwork, sets, clear and measurable goals, and regularly collects and analyzes the performance data in order to monitor progress over time. Annual measurable objectives are those objectives that can be quantified over time. They include objectives set to improve examinations results, school entry, and the number of students excelling from the school annually (Chin, 2007).
There are disparities in the performance between subgroups as noted in the analysis with the FARMS indicating advanced performance, the Hispanics/ Latinos showing proficient performance and the rest falling under the basic performance category. According to the observations, the school should focus much on the groups that perform below the proficient level. I would, however, spend my money on the groups that performed below the proficiency level in order to alleviate their performance. This will be in demand to improve the performance of the entire school without living the majority behind.
In conclusion, Maryland High School has established a firm and focused strategies to be used in monitoring and improving the performance of her students. A great variety of students has been motivated and harnessed to develop career opportunities in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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