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Critique of an - Article Example

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Its results were determined by carrying out a laboratory study on 20 work teams. The results indicated that teams practicing shared leadership have…
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Critique of an article
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Extract of sample "Critique of an"

Leadership Style and Team Processes in Self-Managed Teams Leadership Style and Team Processes in Self-Managed Teams Summary: This article detailed on an experimental study on leadership style as well as team processes within self-managed teams. Its results were determined by carrying out a laboratory study on 20 work teams. The results indicated that teams practicing shared leadership have more cognitive as well as motivational advantages compared to teams relying on one leader.
The purpose of this research study was to determine the variation between leadership styles as well as to find out how key processes are affected by the types of leadership process that results in self-managed teams (Solansky, 2008, p.332). In connection to this, the author clearly expounded on the two points in the text of his article as outlined in the introduction. The study was carried out to further expound on types of leadership styles that crop within self-managed teams. In achieving this, the author used individuals of almost the same age in the study in order to minimize errors as much as possible.
The experimental method used in carrying out the study included 80 randomly selected students in 20 experimental groups (Solansky, 2008). Control variables were also used to represent possible variations. In addition, the information about the samples and what each sample was supposed to have was also provided in order to enhance the success of the experiment. The data collected was based on the observations the instructor made on each group as well as the surveys that were filled by team members. Additionally, analysis of variance was employed in testing leadership processes between teams practicing shared leadership and teams that depend on one leader (Solansky, 2008). All these methods provided detailed information that justified the hypotheses of the research. This was evidenced by the tables that were provided to show mean differences.
The findings showed that teamwork enhances competence as well as transaction of ideas when leadership is shared. This was also evidenced in the text of the article as well as on the tables provided. The limitations of the research that was carried were also discussed because of the possible challenges associated with the laboratory environment on the samples. Among the challenges included the possibility of teams facing management problems as a result of controlling individuals with different perspectives. In addition to this, the use of a small sample was also a limitation to the study; it increased the likelihood of occurrence of many errors (Solansky, 2008). Apart from the conclusion of the article matching the purpose of the study, there was also support from the literature to aid the reader in making the conclusions.
Despite the success of the article, it is evident that the researcher did not provide any information regarding the results of the study in the title of his article. The title of the article also lacked some signs of researcher bias or tone. Additionally, the researcher did not provide a detailed abstract on the purpose of the study. This is evidenced by the fact that the abstract did not contain any information on the methods used in the research study. However, the article was written with clarity and the specific purpose was indicated in the introduction of the article. In addition to using significant amount of support from different literature sources, the author also supported the purpose of the study very well in the introduction.
Solansky, S. (2008).Leadership Style and Team Processes in Self-Managed Teams.Journals of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 332-341. Read More
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Critique of an Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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