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My personal Philosophy of Education - Essay Example

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Islam depicts a religion that associates with Abraham and consequently teaching the various teachings of Muhammad. Some of the beliefs are as follows.
There first and foremost belief is the existence…
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My personal Philosophy of Education
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"My personal Philosophy of Education"

Download file to see previous pages Angels exist and thus form one of the fundamental beliefs. The angels have the mandate to worship God and God alone. The angels are also powerful but tend to obey the almighty and act only to his command. The most famous angel is angel Gabriel, who is the messenger God sent to bring the Quran to Prophet Muhammad.
There are books that God gave to his messengers. The books tend to be a proof of the existence of god and the blueprint that guides the behavior of humankind. One of the books is the Quran that is the most vital book in the religion of Islam. There is a provision that God demands the Quran be kept away from destruction through corruption and distortion. Consequently, Muslims are of the perspective that all prophets were human beings with no supernatural abilities. The only difference is that they found favor in the eyes of Allah.
The term refers to a divine destiny that is a belief by the Muslims. The belief in the divine destiny does not restrict human beings from exploding their freewill. Correspondingly, Muslims are of the belief that god gave human beings the freedom to freewill. Therefore, the making of choices, whether good or bad, belongs solely to human beings and God does not intervene in the process. In addition, the divine destiny has various composite beliefs (Hamid, August 2003). There is the belief in that God is omniscient. There is also the belief of keeping records of all happenings and the belief in that the will of God always takes part. Moreover, there is the belief that the Almighty is the maker of all creatures plus everything that is in the universe.
Values shape up the character of an individual. The main origin of the values is as put forward by Islam. The Islam religion requires that every Muslim should worship the only true God, Allah. Every Muslim should always be kind and humble as well as be honorable to his or her parents. No one should engage in killings that have the label of mercy killings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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