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Philosophy of Educational Specification - Essay Example

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The four disciplines in this case are science, technology, engineering and math in both applied and interdisciplinary approaches. The term is mostly used when…
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Philosophy of Educational Specification
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"Philosophy of Educational Specification"

Download file to see previous pages Personally, I want to see my students develop and work together for their own betterment. By doing this, I will introduce group works and group discussions in the junior high school students. I will also introduce project development in class to enable my students be familiar with the various complex fields required by them. The projects aim at providing the presentation of facilities, which would be utilized by both the students and the teachers in conducting practical tests, which are within the STEM field. I will also ensure that all the students have enough freedom, which will allow them to improve in their creativity and thus better effectively express their ideas.
There is the need of improving my teaching skills within the class, which would necessitate transformation of different methods that are utilized in teaching. Alternatively, increasing the need for academic relevance especially in theoretical materials within the practical setting would be important for my class. This would most definitely encourage the students on the materials viability and also enhance theoretical concepts and understanding within the classroom. I also hope to help the students in conducting laboratory studies, which are within STEM field since my philosophy is based on ensuring practicality teaching in the STEM field.
I will also provide my students with enough space which will support academic development and learning among the students using this particular program. By doing this, I will be in a better position to develop an effective approach in managing any conflicts arising from some of the students educational requirements and budgetary issues. This particular field will enable the students link the educational program and their own development hence betterment of their results. To enable the students participate in the field without any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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