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The aim of this article "Spiritual Literacy by Brussat, F." is to create the general representation of the person by means of interviewing him and analyze the influence of the main events of his life on the literacy experience. The object of the project is James Brody…
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Spiritual Literacy by Brussat, F
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“Spiritual literacy is the ability to read the signs written in the texts of our own experience” (Brussat F., 1996, 15). The fate of the person and the events, which take place in his life, play an important role in the formation of his worldview.  
 According to the minds of the interviewed observers, and James’ friends, he does not look his age, due to the athletic constitution and attractive appearance. Moreover, most of the people find him good-looking as he has big blue eyes and dark curly hair. I had a wonderful opportunity to plan our meeting and interview him about his life. We met in a small café in the center of the city. The content of the interview:
Hello, Mr. Brody, it’s nice to see you. As you are a person with an active and positive life position, I would like to ask you a few questions about your biography. And the first one concerns the place of your birth. Can you tell something interesting about it?
Hi, I’m not sure if there’s something really exclusive you can find about my life! Anyway, I was born in the USA, Minneapolis, State Minnesota. Life in this state was not easy for my family. There were five of us: my parents and 2 elder brothers, so we lived quite poor, as my father worked as a general laborer and did not earn a lot of money. However, we loved this city as even at that time it started to apply the features of modernization.
Can you share an entertaining account of a family event?
There was one when my elder brother John brought a puppy from the street in the evening. We knew that parents would not allow us to keep it, so we decided to hide the puppy and left him in the closet near our room. It was very funny, as the barking was heard all over the flat. We were exposed in fifteen minutes, but the puppy stayed. We called him Fluffy.
Did you keep any traditions in your family?
Of course. My family respects the traditions, especially celebrations, which gathered all of us around the table. One of those was the celebration of Christmas. Each person in the family had to guess his present before getting it. It was the most exciting but at the same time the most frustrating thing.
Describe your literacy influence. Who was an example for you?
Definitely, it was my mother, as she taught me everything she knew. Sometimes I thought she kept encyclopedia with her all the time, but she could answer all my questions without looking in the notes.
Did you have any memorable literacy experience?
The most memorable one was when I passed my major in economics at the university, one more example is my participation in the contest of German poetry. I used to learn German, I read the verse of Goethe and took the first place. The verse reflected my worldview ideology. It helped me to understand that some things in life can be easily changed with the help of strong will and sincere desire. At that moment arouse my interest in literature.
How have your literacy experiences informed your life experiences?
The measures of my knowledge developed. I began to read a lot of classic literature. The authors impressed me with the original manner of writing. For example, Arthur Conan Doyle surprised with the indeterminism and logical succession of the events. I felt the necessity to enrich my knowledge in order to analyze myself as a living individual and social activist.
What is your definition of success?
In my opinion, success is a state of mind, the ability to set the aims and achieve them, working for the welfare of people.
How will your success transform the lives of others?
If you want to change someone, start with yourself! People have a habit to adopt the mood and attitude of others. The things you give reflect on the surrounding people. In fact, the positive and active position is like an epidemic, everyone catches it very fast. Consequently, you can make some people happier.
I feel already happier after talking to you. Thank you very much for such an informative conversation.
Concluding this paper, we can see that James Brody is an example for self-development and his figure can be a motivation for the millions of people. Read More
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