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The Literacy - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay suggests that concept of literacy transcends further to being able to utilize the high caliber status of the community, as well as personal development in the long run. The literacy extends to the lifelong process of knowledge acquisition…
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The Literacy
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Extract of sample "The Literacy"

Download file to see previous pages These factors exalted me into the field of being a writer, with the prospects of further enriching my personality with the benefits of literacy. In my everyday life, the effectiveness and benefits of literacy are exhibited by how most of the human activities and actions revolve around literacy-based ideologies. This ranges from all spheres of human activity, including economic, social, spiritual, and even political welfares of the contemporary human life. Among these, the most conspicuous effect of literacy, especially in my daily life is the way in which literacy turns my economic ability as a person. As a writer, literacy, and writing form the basis for individual prosperity in terms of economic welfares. This is especially in light of the aspect that the higher the level of literacy, the higher the economic outcome. Furthermore, the connection is further enhanced by the fact that high literacy levels bring more opportunities as I can be a freelancer hence further self-improvement in terms of economic aspects. This higher economic prospect has always led to higher chances of enhancing the literacy level even further as I continually take more classes to enhance my knowledge, and this extends to continually improving the economic muscle. Therefore, this forms one of the most evident effects of literacy especially on me as a writer who relies on literature as a chief source of income. Moreover, as a writer, literacy extends the level of self-confidence through the provision of knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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bbuckridge added comment 5 months ago
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The topic of "The Literacy" is quite often seen among the assignments in college. Still, this example opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own essay.


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