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Synthesis of Waiting for Superman (the movie) and the Article Time to Stop Waiting for Superman - Essay Example

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But in most cases, the action of society, which is expected to be a key stakeholder in the advancement of education, does not seem to accept and support this nothing. This position is what…
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Synthesis of Waiting for Superman (the movie) and the Article Time to Stop Waiting for Superman
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"Synthesis of Waiting for Superman (the movie) and the Article Time to Stop Waiting for Superman"

Download file to see previous pages tion but the role that the larger society, which is represented by government and other state agencies, through the powers vested in them by the public has to play seem to outweigh all other factors. This is because it is the policies that these people formulate and leadership that they give that determines a greater part of the outcome of the educational system. in this paper therefore, the two works that have been mentioned earlier are synthesized to know how they address the issue of education in the modern American context.
Reading through the article, the theme that is developed is how unacceptable it is to try to fix the educational system through wrongful means. This theme is presented from the view point of the administrative story of Michelle Rhee, who was the superintendent of Washington, D.C’s public schools. The issues presented in the article have to do with how Michelle Rhee took over as the superintendent and within a very short time she was seen as a superman who was going to fix not just the ailing D.C public school but that of the nation at large. This is because from policies that she put in place, most of which were focused on forcing principals and teachers to do the right thing by putting in their maximum effort, scores from schools in the state started improving. In no time, she was hailed and referred to by many in public discourse. She even had the attention of big politicians like Barack Obama and went on TV. As it turned out, all her efforts were the product of massive cheating.
Synthesizing the article information with the movie, “Waiting for Superman”, there are some areas that the text can be said to align and agree on a common purpose. A typical example of this has to do with how both works treat the issue of standards of teaching. In the article, the author calls to question, the approach to teaching, where students are prepared only for to take tests, making “them better at taking state tests” (Stanford, 2013). In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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