Developmental Changes in Preschool Children - Essay Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that changes in early childhood have been categorized into cognitive, language, physical and social development. Moreover, studies have shown that these developments interact with each other…
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Developmental Changes in Preschool Children
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Download file to see previous pages Emotional development is the process of learning to recognize and express one’s feelings as well as learning to establish one’s identity and individuality. Social development is the process of learning to interact with others and to express one self to them. Both emotional development and social skills are essential as they prepare the child for school and adult life. These ensure that a child is able to pay attention to an adult figure (authority), ensure an easy transition from one activity to another as well as the ability to cooperate with other children.
From the ages 1 to 3, children learn new things through observation and imitation. They acquire skills in sharing, showing affection etc from parents and/or primary caregiver. Through these experiences, they learn how to interact with others outside the home. The play has an important role in child development. Social-emotional skills gained by playing with others and their parents give them the self-confidence needed to build loving and supportive relationships throughout their lives. At about 1 year of age, children generally start to exhibit rebellious behavior, negativism (doing the opposite of what they are told), they express feelings of happiness and sadness, calmness and stability and inner peace. They are self-centered but begin to learn that some desires may never be met. They become increasingly frustrated because of their inability to perform certain tasks that they see older siblings and adults performing with ease of feeding themselves or writing hence the incidents of temper tantrums.
As a child approaches age 2, there is generally an improvement in their speech and motor skills, which relieves some of their frustrations. They are able to respond to others talking and also follow simple instructions. They are increasingly able to express themselves through speech and seek approval from their peers and parents. There are fewer emotional outbursts.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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