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In the paper “PARENTING STYLES AND DEVELOPMENTAL OUTCOMES” the author analyzes parenting styles as a significant role in influencing behavioral outcome of children in the society. Each parenting style has unique characteristics in terms of demands and responsiveness of parents towards their children. …
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Parenting Styles and Developmental Outcomes
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"Parenting Styles and Developmental Outcomes"

Download file to see previous pages This style manifests in the form of substantial parental control coupled with high level of child supervision. Children raised within an authoritarian environment should be obedient and respectful towards parental authority. This means that children are left with limited freedom (Barton & Michael, 2012). Behavioral conduct and general activities of children under this style should incline closely to rules and guidelines stipulated by parents. Usually, violation of those rules attracts punishment. In this regard, authoritarian style has low responsiveness but high demand on children.
Authoritative Style
Authoritative parenting operates with pre-established rules and guidelines. This means that parents practicing this style have high demands on behavioral patterns of their children. However, the high demand is offset by high level of responsiveness. Unlike authoritarian with low responsiveness, authoritative parents foster a democratic environment where children can question guidelines set by their parents. Parents adopting this style have a high propensity of forgiveness as opposed to punishment (Barton & Michael, 2012). Therefore, authoritative style has high responsiveness and high demand on children.
Permissive Style
Permissive parents set minimal rules for their children. This style has few demands on children, and tends to be more relaxed compared to the previous two styles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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