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NYC public school - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Following the email I received in regard to the class I had with my 25 students at NYC public school 123, I have realized that the session was not as effective as it was supposed to be…
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NYC public school
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Introduction Following the email I received in regard to the I had with my 25 at NYC public school 123, I have realized that the session was not as effective as it was supposed to be. Some of the students were whispering when I was introducing the lesson which was a show of reduced concentration, during the independent time, my students with disabilities who constitute 80% of the class were just doodling on their notebooks and that also could indicate they did not understand what I had taught. At the end of the lesson and the closing lesson only 50% of my students were able to handle the questions regarding the topic. I have reviewed the performance and this is the way I will address the issue to ensure my students get the most they can from my teaching sessions.
First as majority of my students are students with disabilities I have decided to personalize my approach to the topics I will be teaching and ensure I address their issues individually. Though that can seem like it could take time I have read many sources on how to handle students with disabilities and the first way is to ensure they feel accommodated in the classroom. I will ensure that all the hard areas that any student highlights are addressed and so he/she will catch up with the rest of the class. I will know the challenges of all the students and so I will be able to capitalize from that to ensure they understand. During my teaching and out of class time, I will give each student some tasks on the areas I have guided them on and see whether they are improving. This way I will let the students gather more confidence in handling the other tasks and also break the gap between us so that they can approach me any time for any issues that they could be having. As George and roger says in Teaching Students with Disabilities, 2008, by ensuring we are that close the classes that follow will be enjoyable as all will be able to participate fully in class. Engaging students in class always ensure they remain attentive throughout the session.
I also want to address the issue of students whispering in class when I was introducing the lesson. The reasons behind the whispering could be that they had not understood the previous lesson, I was not audible enough, I was not moving up and down as I introduced the lesson or I failed to engage some sneaky students at the back. I have a strategy on ensuring that the students at the back seat and any other in my class gets the best and remains attentive throughout my class. First I will not be teaching as am glued to a single spot throughout the class. I will be moving up and down and ensure I address the issues that the students have either with the current lesson or the previous one. Asking some questions while introducing a lesson is always vital in linking the previous class with the current one and I will do that to bring the students’ concentration back to class. Once I have their concentration I will use a personalized approach that will ensure all the students feel accommodated in my class to promote participation. As you noted only a small bunch were participating and I will ensure that all of them participate fully. During their independent time I will walk round the class looking at what they are doing to avoid some engaging in useless activities that will make them fail when they are doing their homework and tests.
The students’ performance is my only priority and I will install all possible tactics to ensure that my lessons are more interesting and the students grasp everything that I teach. I understand that the students have different capabilities and I will focus on unleashing their strengths by being close to them and encouraging them to be more attentive and participating in class. This will definitely improve their grades and overall performance.
Giuliani, George, and Roger Pierangelo. Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities. Washington: Crowin Press, 2008. Print. Read More
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