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The Willowbrook Hepatitis Study- subject (Technological of educational research) - Article Example

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This is because the victims of the study were not told about the research nor were they asked for their consent. The result led to an outcry…
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The Willowbrook Hepatitis Study- subject (Technological of educational research)
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"The Willowbrook Hepatitis Study- subject (Technological of educational research)"

Download file to see previous pages It has negatively affected their studies because they have to educate to public on the importance of the studies and the potential threats that may be related to the study leading to specimens for their studies are the public have grown to be critics of their works (Emanuel et al., 2008).
The result of exposing the Willowbrook Hepatitis study problem led to the formulation of policies by the government as to what constituted an ethical research. The policies outlined ethical principles upon which ethical studies were to be conducted on the public.
The study could not be revised to be performed ethically. This is because the public had developed a negative attitude towards the study and could not subject themselves or their children to the study. There were damages caused on the subjects who had participated in the study and this mounted fear on the public (Diekema, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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