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Student Learning Outcomes - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Incorporation of innovation in the carrying out of activities is vital when seeking to understand the steps that an individual has made in a certain field. Lack of innovation demeans success and consequently subtle performance takes place. Innovation is a concept that involves…
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Student Learning Outcomes
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"Student Learning Outcomes"

Download file to see previous pages With each dawn, humans face new challenges and the use of new and improved ideas is the basic concept deemed innovation.
I have managed to incorporate the concept of innovation through many means. During my teaching tenure, I had the responsibility of teaching and instilling various life skills in my students. With the changing world and ever increasing technology, students are bound to change their behaviors to a point that they may engage in various activities that do not abide to the morals of society. I managed to teach these kids how to circumnavigate these obstructions by composing and maintaining a strict timetable. The timetable would not only have information regarding classes but also afterschool activities.
As a teacher, I also had the ability to incorporate innovation by providing telecommunication classes. The contemporary environment has a lot of technology in it and it is vital for the students to feel comfortable in their zone. I thus have made developments in this field where I have managed to allow students to attend classes where they offer presentations mostly instead of always having textbook classes.
Implementation is a follow up process that individuals take up after carrying out the process of setting goals. The setting of goals is very important for every individual regardless of the field that they engage in. Setting of the goals is an easy process that does not involve a lot of effort. Implementation of these goals is the challenge and this is because it requires hours of work put into it. Implementation is vital in that it ensures that the individual does not relax a lot but is rather active to ensure that they achieve what it is that they intend to. Innovation normally has the consequent effect of the individuals having initiatives. These initiatives are put into action by a process that is referred to as implementation.
In my experience, I had many innovation projects. A means through which I did this was ensuring that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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