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REading Response of NAECY Read and Write article - Essay Example

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Teachers need to develop comprehensive assessment of knowledge and skills for them to identify children’s specific interests and develop effective instruction to meet their learning…
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REading Response of NAECY Read and Write article
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"REading Response of NAECY Read and Write article"

Download file to see previous pages Teachers for children are required to undergo a comprehensive training to be equipped with the requirements of early literacy and the best teaching practices for early childhood education. The desirable features of children’s classrooms include manageable class sizes, low children to teacher ratios and varieties of learning materials. Additional policies meant to enhance children’s learning include promoting proper methods of assessing children, access to proper healthcare, and rallying for the public to assume collective responsibility in investing in high quality education for children.
This article has really changed my mindset towards children’s learning. The paper has made me realize that children demonstrate their desire to learn when they are at early stages through grasping and gazing at objects. I have also realized that children’s teachers are not supposed to be anyone who knows how to read and write; however, teachers need training in order to understand the psychology behind developmental stages of children so that they can effectively care for them. I also learnt that we all have the responsibility of ensuring high quality education for our children through cost sharing to hire enough teachers and buy the required resources to boost children’s learning.
The first teachers who handle children largely determine their future life and academic success (Herr & Libby-Larson, 2009). Teachers are required to remain attentive to children’s needs of learning and handle them in the best way they can. Teachers should expose children to a variety of learning objects and allow them to manipulate these objects in their quest to understand the world. Traditionally, people believed that children’s learning requirements are not demanding and can be met with any adult. This perception has changed since teachers must understand the requirements of children at each age and satisfy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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