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EDMA_601_Assignment - Assignment Example

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From this definition of management, it can be gathered that a manager has to build camaraderie among team members to help the group achieve something.
Management is both a science and an art because it involves facts…
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Extract of sample "EDMA_601_Assignment"

EDMA 601 – Seminar in Management of Educational s Give at least two definitions of management and be able to explain it. Leading a diverse group of people to achieve a common goal. From this definition of management, it can be gathered that a manager has to build camaraderie among team members to help the group achieve something.
Helping each group member to achieve his or her potential. This is done by placing people in their natural positions so that they can contribute to the success of the team.
2. Why is management a science and an art?
Management is both a science and an art because it involves facts and figures but also human relationships as well. Science deals with ideas that can be proven, and this is certainly true with predicting sales revenue, etc. However, management is also an art because it is rather subjective. Management requires dealing with diverse groups of people, all of whom will need to be handled differently.
4. Give explicit expectations which managers are accountable for.
Managers are ultimately accountable for the performance of their subordinates, and this can be measured through sales, production costs, etc. In addition to this, managers are also responsible for making sure that goals and objectives are communicated between upper management and the working staff. Managers are required to make sure that employees are staying on track and are moving toward the goals of the firm.
5. Discuss what are the essentials of planning?
Planning involves first determining an end goal or point by which success can be measured. Second, planning requires coming up with a process that will help the organization to get where it ultimately wants to. Finally, there needs to be the flexibility to readjust goals part way through the process if the situation changes.
6. Identify and describe the three (3) types of planning.
The three types of planning are operational, strategic, and contingency. Operational planning has to do with specific goals that are used to achieve job responsibilities. Strategic planning is more about the goals of the entire organization and then matching those up with each department. Finally, contingency planning is putting in emergency measures in case there is a change in the plan.
10. Define staffing and give an explanation of the three major parts of staffing.
Staffing has to do with assigning employees to roles and training them appropriately. The three major parts of staffing are planning, execution, and maintenance. Planning involves preparing for future changes, execution is how to enact those changes, and maintenance has to do with making sure nothing goes wrong with the changes proposed.
15. Define the nature and process of the management function of controlling.
The management function of controlling has to do with making a comparison between organizational performance and desired outcomes and then making adjustments to meet those outcomes. Management is all about making sure that the process is continuous and there is a clear chain of command.
17. Discuss the different types of control.
There are three main types of control: feedforward, concurrent, and feedback. The difference between each of them is that the first attempts to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, the second tries to make changes in the middle of the process, and the third locates problems after an action has been carried out. Read More
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EDMA_601_Assignment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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