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EDMA 610 - Assignment Example

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Job analysis is used in obtaining reliable information about the actual competencies that are important for a given job. Job evaluation is the process of getting a jobs…
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EDMA 610 Assignment
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"EDMA 610"

Download file to see previous pages Job design is how a job is organized. It contains the duties and responsibilities of the job, the way the job should be done and the relation of the holder to colleagues. The differences between job analysis and job deign is that whereas job analysis involves an investigation, job design involves already established properties of the job.
1. Ranking method of job evaluation is a simple arranged in order of their merit or value to the organization. Jobs are ranked according to the relative difficulty in performing them. The jobs at the top have the highest value and the bottom has the lowest value. It is subjective in nature cannot be used in large organizations.
2. Factor comparison method of job evaluation is a complex method. It systematic and scientific processes. The job is analyzed according to factors, for example skill involved in the job, mental and physical requirements, working conditions among others. After which key jobs are selected. Key jobs are those jobs whose wage rate the management considers as correct. Other job wages are fixed putting the key job factors into consideration. It is a consistent method.
3. Point method of job evaluation begins with the breakdown of jobs into key factors. Points are assigned to each factor in order of importance of the duties and responsibilities involved in the job. Totals of the points are made. Jobs with similar point totals are placed in the same pay grades.
4. Classification method of job evaluation places jobs according to classes. The classes are according to the skills and training involved in the job. Classes start from class one made of managerial positions, the last class being the unskilled. It is less subjective method and is easy to understand.
A good working condition is one that provides comfort to the employees so as to do their best. There are certain practices a company should adopt to make the work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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