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EDMA 610 - Assignment Example

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Job analysis is used in obtaining reliable information about the actual competencies that are important for a given job. Job evaluation is the process of getting a jobs…
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EDMA 610 Assignment
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Extract of sample "EDMA 610"

Question Two
Job analysis involves investigations carried out to determine the tasks, duties and responsibilities of a job. Job analysis is used in obtaining reliable information about the actual competencies that are important for a given job. Job evaluation is the process of getting a jobs importance/ worth in relation to other jobs in the company. It is important when establishing a payment structure or grading system. Whereas job analysis involves an investigation to determine the duties and responsibilities of a job, job evaluation is used in the ranking and grading of jobs according to their value in an organization in relation to other jobs.
Job design is how a job is organized. It contains the duties and responsibilities of the job, the way the job should be done and the relation of the holder to colleagues. The differences between job analysis and job deign is that whereas job analysis involves an investigation, job design involves already established properties of the job.
Question Three
Job evaluation is the process used to determine the value of jobs within an organization so that they can be structured in a hierarchical index or graded. Methods of job evaluation include;
1. Ranking method of job evaluation is a simple arranged in order of their merit or value to the organization. Jobs are ranked according to the relative difficulty in performing them. The jobs at the top have the highest value and the bottom has the lowest value. It is subjective in nature cannot be used in large organizations.
2. Factor comparison method of job evaluation is a complex method. It systematic and scientific processes. The job is analyzed according to factors, for example skill involved in the job, mental and physical requirements, working conditions among others. After which key jobs are selected. Key jobs are those jobs whose wage rate the management considers as correct. Other job wages are fixed putting the key job factors into consideration. It is a consistent method.
3. Point method of job evaluation begins with the breakdown of jobs into key factors. Points are assigned to each factor in order of importance of the duties and responsibilities involved in the job. Totals of the points are made. Jobs with similar point totals are placed in the same pay grades.
4. Classification method of job evaluation places jobs according to classes. The classes are according to the skills and training involved in the job. Classes start from class one made of managerial positions, the last class being the unskilled. It is less subjective method and is easy to understand.
Question Six
A good working condition is one that provides comfort to the employees so as to do their best. There are certain practices a company should adopt to make the work environment favorable. The management should have a two way communication system. The employees should feel comfortable to raise issues of concern to the management or employer. The management should also communicate to employees issues affecting them. This can be done through meetings. It is good practice for the management to involve employees in decision making.
The environment where the workers are should be conducive; it should be well ventilated with good lighting and heating. It should also be clean and tidy. The management should employ people to do the house keeping; this avoids the presence of litter, dust, dirty toilets that can make those working to be uncomfortable. The work place should be free from hazards both physical and health hazard. The company must comply with all occupational safety and hazard regulations. The management should assign manageable workloads. Work should be just enough for someone to do it and finish it without straining. The employee should be given work that they are qualified for. The remunerations and benefits should be satisfactory. The office arrangement should be in such a way that it encourages the employees to collaborate and share information. There should be enough space to move, it should not be crowded (Kirst & Kay 2000).
A good working environment leads to increase in productivity of the workers. A two communication system at work makes the worker trust the employer or management. The workers morale is also boasted because they know that they are important and their opinion is valued. When the work place is safe from hazards the employees are able to concentrate in their work without worry. A clean and tidy work place also ensures efficient performance. The worker has a sense of well being and well cared for. Workers get peace of mind.
When work given to workers is reasonable and manageable the worker will deliver quality work. The performance of such a worker will be optimal because there is no burn out caused by too much work. The overall performance of a company with good working conditions will be good when workers physical and mental wellbeing is valued.
Question Seven
Training is an important investment to an organization. There are phases used in the training process.
1. Need for training analysis
It is a step that tries to identify is there really is a need for training. The human resource department may need to carry out observations, surveys or interviews to help in analyzing need. By carrying out this analysis the organization can find out the specific skills, knowledge, attributes and attitudes are lacking or are needed to improve performance.
2. Training programs and manual development
Design a training program based on the results of the analysis. Experts/ trainers may need to be hired to do the training. The notes and instructions for the training are also made. The training technique must also be established.
3. Deliver the training program
The actual delivery of instructions, the trainees are instructed on the skills attributes or knowledge that they needed.
4. Evaluation of the training program
It is used to determine the effectiveness of the training or how profitable it has been to the trained. It is important to evaluate a training program to determine if it was cost effective. Was it wise to use resources towards the training? The trainer may also get feedback from an evaluation for future trainings.
Question Eight
Training is the process where employees acquire skills, attributes or knowledge that they did not have to enable them perform better in the organization. Training enable employees reach their full potential. Adequately trained employees will increase the productivity of a company. Training ensures an organization has available replacement for personnel that may be promoted or leaves the company. The organization will not have to go through the expensive process of recruiting and training a new employee.
Training ensures that the organization’s employees are up to date with advances in technology. Training ensures that the employee’s are motivated and are able to work efficiently and effectively. The organization becomes more competitive since its productivity is increased.
Financial gains may result from training because of increased employee morale and productivity. The employee feels valued because the employer saw it fit to improve their skills or knowledge

Kirst, A & Kay, K. 2000, Human Behavior. Belmonte, CA: Thompson Learning. Read More
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