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Describe your understanding of student centred learning and how your skills development at university can improve your curriculu - Essay Example

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Personal Development Portfolio Part 1. Learning and Skills Report Question: Describe your understanding of student centered learning and how your skills development at university can improve your curriculum vitae and career opportunities. Understanding of Student Centered Learning In contemporary generation’s quest for higher education, advances in technology has accorded students and academic personnel, including mentors and professors, to apply distance education, online learning or student centered learning, as deemed appropriate…
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Describe your understanding of student centred learning and how your skills development at university can improve your curriculu
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"Describe your understanding of student centred learning and how your skills development at university can improve your curriculu"

Download file to see previous pages 1). To direct the path towards the accomplishment of this mission, CCCU envisioned “provide a comprehensive range of corporate information services that meet the current and future needs of the CCCU community. These services will combine well understood and definitive sources of corporate information, powerful reporting tools, specific applications and integration and automation platforms to form a corporate information “engine” driving a multitude of business processes” (CCCU: Vision, 2009, pars. 1 & 2). Concurrent with the university’s mission and vision, my understanding of their holistic and multidimensional approach in teaching is supportive of the student centered learning approach. O’Neill and McMahon (2005) cited Kember (1997) as defining student centered learning as “knowledge is constructed by students and that the lecturer is a facilitator of learning rather than a presenter of information” (p. 255). A precondition to this approach was qualified by Rogers (1983, p. 188) who averred that “... ...
learning approach by specifically and explicitly stating the aims, learning outcomes, and the module programmes, in conjunction with an identified module leader and seminar tutors. The module programmes are structured in a clear and well designed manner that indicates schedules in week number, dates, topics and required readings. By providing the overall theoretical framework, module leaders envision to provide directions and guidelines towards structured presentation of topics that could be absorbed and understood at the given time frame. As student learning gives opportunities for students to enhance learning skills at their own discretion, under the governance and guidance of mentors and tutors, students must become aware that the scope and depth of learning depends on their personal commitment for personal and professional growth. In this regard, to expand my personal understanding of student centered learning, I gained the following inputs to be shared in this discourse, to wit: Lea et al. (2003, p.322) “summarises some of the literature on student-centred learning to include the followings tenets: (1) the reliance on active rather than passive learning; (2) an emphasis on deep learning and understanding; (3) increased responsibility and accountability on the part of the student; (4) an increased sense of autonomy in the learner; (5) an interdependence between teacher and learner; (6) mutual respect within the learner teacher relationship; and (7) and a reflexive approach to the teaching and learning process on the part of both teacher and learner” (cited by O’Neill & McMahon, 2005). The increased proactive stance, responsibility and accountability placed in the hands of the students differentiate this approach from the traditional teacher centered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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