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Persuasive/argument about: Should students have to wear uniforms - Essay Example

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I believe that students should wear school uniforms. In order to support my perception, different arguments would be presented in this paper. Furthermore, counter arguments regarding the topic will also…
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Persuasive/argument essay about: Should students have to wear uniforms
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"Persuasive/argument about: Should students have to wear uniforms"

Download file to see previous pages School uniforms convey the message that school is a place for learning.
Many schools in the United States and in other parts of the world are at odds over school uniforms. In many cases, it has been reported that students feel that their right of self-expression has been taken away with the rule of mandatory school uniforms. Although students feel that their right of self expression is taken away from them, there are several benefits of school uniforms. I believe that the advantages of school uniforms outweigh the disadvantages. One of the many advantages of school uniforms is that they minimize the stress for students and their families. For example, parents and students do not have to worry about buying new clothes frequently for schools (Walsh pp. 38).
Students are very sensitive about their image and self-esteem when they are in schools. For example, if one of the students starts wearing branded clothes, his or her peers would feel inferior and their self-esteem would decrease (Brunsma pp. 50).
The supportive arguments regarding school uniforms also claim that students feel equal when they wear school uniforms. I would support this argument with further explanation. The standard of living is different among different families. There are some families, which are in a better financial position than others. School is a place where students from different economic and cultural background come and learn. By wearing school uniforms, students do not get feel inferior to others. However, if students are allowed to choose their dresses for schools, they would be influenced by students from different cultures and different economic background. This would result in an increase in problems for parents and teachers. The rule of mandatory school uniforms would make all students look equal regardless of their financial position and cultural background. The rule of school uniforms also promotes the self-esteem of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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