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Curriculum Planning: The Human Dimension - Essay Example

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Curriculum development is the planned effort of a duly organized group that seeks to make intelligent decisions in order to effect changes in the curriculum. Curriculum development takes place in schools, which have people with different skills, knowledge, experience, and…
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Curriculum Planning: The Human Dimension
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Extract of sample "Curriculum Planning: The Human Dimension"

Curriculum Development of 9th February Curriculum development Human dimension Curriculum development is theplanned effort of a duly organized group that seeks to make intelligent decisions in order to effect changes in the curriculum. Curriculum development takes place in schools, which have people with different skills, knowledge, experience, and personality. The work of curriculum developers is improved by contributions from students, parents and other members of the society. It can therefore be concluded that curriculum development is a process in which the human players accept and carry out mutually reinforcing roles. Curriculum participants play roles as administrators, students, teachers and lay people in the curriculum development process. Administrators’ role is to ensure that curriculum groups and subgroups of the schools are well maintained, whereby the society depends on their leadership since they are principals. The students are the recipient of the curriculum; they provide feedback about the product and their achievements is seen through their performances in tests. The lay people involve the parents, clergy, and the community members. Schools call on parents and others to serve as resource persons and volunteer aides. Parents and other citizens participate in curriculum work by serving on advisory committees, responding to surveys, providing data about their children and serving as resource persons in school and out. Teachers participate in all stages in curriculum development by conducting research and evaluation of programs. The competencies necessary for curriculum leaders are skills in producing change, in decision making, in interpersonal relationships, in leading groups and in communicating. Strong communication skills are also a necessity for a curriculum leader to be successful in influencing a group. Human beings play a major part in developing the curriculum and should therefore be ready to change with the changing environment in order to improve the curriculum (Oliva et al. 2012).
Oliva, Peter F., & Gordon II, William R. (2012). Developing the Curriculum + Myedleadershiplab With Pearson Etext. Pearson College Div. Read More
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