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Self-Efficacy - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents the investigation of the notion of self-efficacy conducted on adult learners in post-secondary education located in rural communities in northern Canada. As Bandura puts it, "self-efficacy" is at the center of the social cognitive theory…
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Download file to see previous pages Education and learning programs for adults were initiated by the government authorities in Northern Canada for the rural communities almost years ago. Some of the programs have just been concluded. They successfully brought about a systematic process change in the existing Canadian adult learning program management structures and processes. This paper just focuses on the adult education and learning programs that ultimately led to an all pervasive well-balanced restructuring effort at the community level with some major changes being introduced to both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of an adult.
However, in some instances, self-efficacy has impacted adversely on adult learning programs related outcomes in post-secondary education, especially among North Canadian rural communities. For instance, adults who lack language skills may be negatively affected and demotivated in studies thus leading to a negative tendency towards learning programs however well-meaning they might be. The adult education learning in Canada has begun with an idea being put forward in by the authorities that the existing curriculum needed to be enhanced at different levels and the existing process of its management needed to be changed. While a series of prior changes to the Adult curriculum were made by the authorities they were mostly centered on patchwork and were not continued as a process. The structural changes apart there was a significant amount of process change that actually transformed the whole curriculum process management. from one of static to a dynamic one.
While the education authorities of the North Canada enlisted services of the teaching faculty to design, plan and execute these program changes its primary objective was to develop a stronger co-curriculum plus a set of extra-curricular activities for the rural communities. Though the government curriculum is mandatory in all higher institutions, certain changes are allowed to be made independently by higher education institution authorities to it while the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Self-Efficacy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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